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Sunday, December 11, 2005

In memorium

I'm too young to have any personal sentiments of McCarthy (b.1967). I am fortunate to have grown up with anti-war activists who fought valiantly to end the war, win civil liberties and civil rights battles and generally prove that dissent is patriotic. I'm also a pretty good study of history and my respect for him is endless.

I grew up with Richard Pryor first on my Barbie phonograph (my parents were pretty open...LOL) and then in the movies. As a young black girl, I marvelled at how he made me laugh and that a black man was brave enough to be so outrageous in public. He helped define Free Speech and gave humor to the craziness of being black in America.

I lit two candles last night for two men that pushed the limits of what was considered "acceptable" and changed our hearts and world in the process.

Maxwell (Mackie) Nathaniel Shavers III (1960-2005)

I also feel like this is a good time and way to say goodbye to my brother who died this past week. He was significantly older than I was and I never knew him well, but our family is very saddened by his passing. May he rest in Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Worked for McCarthy's '68 presidential campaign. Loved the man - loved his calm ways - politics with grace and style... I was lucky to do the cross-country campaigning. He was indeed ONE OF A KIND.
Richard Pryor had a unique quality - he could piss anyone off at any time... and often did. His comedy was timeless - because let's face it - nothing has changed. He saw what he saw and he called it as he saw it. Lots of folks were/are offended by that... oh well. Let them live by their wit and humor....

Re: Mackie
So sorry for your loss kiddo. Life just isn't fair ....