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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Where Are They?

This is a poem I wrote last summer. I'm a bit more optimistic today, but it still bears some truth. I am also a little shy about sharing my poetry, so this is a big step for me... Hope you enjoy! Renee

Where Are They?

Born in “The Summer of Love” - 1967

As a child I marched in their arms
As a teen I protested along side them
As a young woman I sat in to divest

You see, I am a child of the Movement
I was raised with their passion
I was raised with their love for each other
I was raised in the clouds of weed that gave them
The nerve to Dream of a new world
I was raised in the basking glow of Hope.
What a childhood!

Yet, they abandoned us
They abandoned us to Cocaine
and Divorce in the 70’s
They abandoned us to Greed in the 80’s
They abandoned us to Money in the 90’s
And in the 21st Century
They’ve abandoned us again to Fear.

And where are they?

Where is the passion?
Where is the love?
Where is the Dream?
Where is the hope?

Where are the Baby Boomers?

Are they hiding their sins behind God?
Do they know God has no mercy for sin as theirs?

For their sins are unforgivable…
No mercy for those who abandon His movement
For personal satisfaction
No mercy for those who abandon His movement
For Greed
No mercy for those who abandon His movement
For Money
No mercy for those who abandon His movement
For Fear

And now they scream about the sins of abortion
And deny the child a doctor
Now they scream about the sins of abortion
And refuse to feed the child
Now they scream about the sins of abortion
And refuse to educate the child.

200,000 Marched on Washington
And shared a Dream…His Dream
Millions more watched on TV
And saw the Dream for the first time
40 years later…most are still alive

And where are they?

Alive in their suburban sprawl
Alive in their Suburban SUV’s
Alive in their Fox News
Alive in their cocaine guilt
Alive in their sexual guilt
Alive in their 401k’s
Alive in their newfound bigotry
Alive in their newfound hatred
Alive in their renewed sexism
Alive in their fear of “terrorists”
Alive in their preemptive Wars
Alive in their dead soldiers
Alive…Born Again to Jesus.

You see…
They can try to hide in their suburban sprawl
Their SUV’s, bigotry, hatred, sexism, Fox News,
terrorists, stocks, cocaine and sexual guilt,
preemptive Wars, dead soldiers, greed,
And claim they are Born Again in Jesus.

But God knows better.

And…they forgot a few small details…

You see…
They RAISED me in His TRUE Movement.

They taught me we ARE all created equal
They taught me about Peace
They taught me about Freedom
They taught me about Love
They taught me about Passion
They taught me about Hope
They taught me to Have a Big Dream
They taught me I could change the world.

And they showed me how.
I have not forgotten.
I have only just begun.

Renee Crawford

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grumps said...

Never be afraid to sing your words. Someone may join in on the chorus.