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Monday, January 02, 2006

Does the Gov't have Caller ID? No wonder he can't find Osama...

"It seems logical to me that if we know there's a phone number associated with al Qaeda or an al Qaeda affiliate and they're making phone calls, it makes sense to find out why," Bush said at the Brooke Army Medical Center... January 2, 2006 (click the headline for the source)

Okay maybe this is being too detailed, but it occured to my husband & I tonight as we were watching this quote by Bush today that something doesn't make sense here...

This is my question:

If Bush knows there is a phone number that is directly linked to al Qaeda or an al Qaeda associate, and he's listening in on their phone calls on a regular basis for what now seems like it may have been years, why doesn't he just go get them? Wouldn't it be safer for all involved if he just had all of the people tied to these phone numbers arrested?

Perhaps that's just too obvious for these guys or maybe I'm missing something, but I am pretty sure that if my caller ID can show a person's name and 911 can give their exact location even via GPS on a cell phone, that someone in the Government ought to be able to hit *67 and arrest the bad guys.

These guys can't even tell good enough lies to cover their lies anymore. He reminded me of a 6 year old caught with a pack of matches today. Stumbling, red and giggling that annoying nervous laugh.

Maybe I just misunderstood that "We're going to get them there..." stuff.

Our legislators have one option on this one. Impeachment. These guys are just criminals.

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