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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Join the 24 hour People's Filibuster Against Alito!

Do everything in your power to stop this nomination!


Thursday, January 19, 9 a.m. to Friday, January 20, 9 a.m.

2745 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. (across from Ponderosa)

Wisconsinites have unprecedented voices in the confirmation process of Judge Samuel Alito. Let’s use them! We will have materials by and about Judge Alito to read (or bring your own), to help make it clear why the Senate must not allow him to serve on the Supreme Court. All are welcome to speak out against Alito’s nomination. Speak in any language, all ages invited including high school kids and grade school kids, union, non-union, grandparents, parents, people of all sexual identities, faiths, races, creeds, immigration status', etc... If you are against the Alito Nomination, please tell the world why!

Please join us - for as little as an hour, or as much as 24 hours!!

If possible, RSVP to crwfd@yahoo.com with the time we can expect you - so we can make sure all 24 hours are covered.
Peoples’ Filibuster Coalition -- Milwaukee WI


Judge Alito is NOT in the mainstream. He is an extreme conservative who - as a Judge - has written or voted that:

• Making a woman get her husband’s permission for an abortion should be allowed
because it was no worse than making a minor get her parent’s permission;

• Police should have been able to strip search a 10-year-old girl;

• The fiancee of Chinese woman who had been forced to abort their child could not
get political asylum because he had not yet been able to marry her;

• There was no reason to reverse prosecutor’s decision to strike all potential black jurors in a death penalty case;

• Environmental groups could not sue a polluter - even though the company had
violated the Clean Water Act 150 times;

• The government could revoke an employee’s sick leave and then fire him for
taking that leave;

• An employer could insist that a woman who had been severely sexually harassed go back to work with the co-workers who had harassed her.

CALL OUR SENATORS NOW. Sen. Herb Kohl (Toll Free -877- 851-6437) Sen. Russ Feingold
TELL THEM: “Stand up for us. Protect our rights and our future. STOP JUDGE ALITO”

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