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Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Torture Docs Released...


If you have the stomach for it, here is the latest list of documents released under the ACLU Torture Freedom of Information Act request.

Choice Excepts (if 2 dates, first is date of incident, second it date of report):
06/17/04 - 06/19/04 Discusses female detainees in custody. Women are being interrogated and goal is to get their husbands. Issue of whether they can be released to the Iraqi police.
3/28/2004 Reports resuts of detainee inspection. Describes "good news" and problems with operation. "NCOICs have not been provided formal training in the handling and care of Persons Control. All OICs and NCOICs have learned by trial and error." (DOD045283); "All OICs and NCOICs understand that they will not let Other Government Agencies use their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) in the US Army facility." (DOD045283); "Most units are not properly trained on safeguarding PUCs. The majority of units stated that the law of land warfare training they received was classroom briefing and not hands-on training. Most of the combat arms units were unaware of the use of deadly force against an escaping prisoner. 2 of the 8 inspected facilities had chains to secure the prisoner, and a third unit admitted to chaining detainees to Hesco walls within the 550 cord." (DOD045283); "Army doctrine simply does not exist. We do not afford PUCs or Detainees with the privileges associated with Enemy of Prisoner of War status. We do not afford them the entire privileges associated with the Geneva Conventions." (DOD045284); "In combat environment, Soldiers were left to develop their own PUC procedures ... Soldiers for the most part did what they thought was right based on their own moral values." (DOD045284).
2/14/2004 A Captain was interviewed and stated that it was policy that once a detainee was in US custody he not be released back to the Afghanis. "You are responsible because AMF once placed bedposts on an Afghani's hands and did a bed dance. We made a report. But, bed dances are a normal Afghani torture method." Detainees in the Military Intelligence facility are goggled and ear muffed.

4/11/2004 6/23/2005 Investigation into death by an American soldier's hostile fire of unknown Iraqi male. The Iraqi was surrendering at the time. (Several of these...)

4/11/2004 2/17/2005 Continuation of DOD043398-DOD043402. Investigation into death by an American soldier's hostile fire of unknown Iraqi male. The Iraqi was surrendering at the time. Question as to whether the Iraqi fired on the Americans or did not fire. Investigation found probable cause that the soldier did not fire at the Iraqi.

There is much more... I don't know about you, but I hope we have a Supreme Court that cares about checks and balances enough to end this.

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