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Thursday, January 12, 2006

So did he lie on the job application?

So if Alito has "No recollection..." of belonging to the ultra racist and ultra sexist Concerned Alumni of Princeton org, and there are now no records of his involvement in this bigoted group, I wonder...

Did Alito purposely LIE on an job application for the Reagan Admin position by adding a membership to the most bigoted org he could find to make it look like he was just like them?

Or is he lying now and have the group's records been cleaned of his involvement with them?

Something just ain't right here folks??? Either he belonged to them or he didn't.

If he didn't, then he lied about it on an application to the Federal Government.

If he did, then he very well may be a deliberately closeted bigot.

And the GOP wonders why most minorities in this country don't trust them...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Once again the Dems have done themselves a great injustice. They have spent 4 days trying to tear down a great American civil servant. They could not find one thing on this decent man, so they tried to associate him to other people. The American people saw right through the disgracful attack on Judge Alito. As Crawford would say "Democrat morals are American morals". If that is the case you can take Senator Ted Kennedy and his well documented morality right to the bottom of a river.