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Thursday, January 26, 2006

This makes Impeachment Sound Less Favorable...

How depressing is this!

We'd have to indict so many down the list, that we'd be in criminal court for decades! (Yes, Ted Stevens (the Alaskan bridge guy) is 3 heart beats (or indictments...) from the Presidency...). I'm curious why there is a need to add to the Presidential Line of Succession??? I guess that it's a formality, but it just seems like a really weird thing to include as a priority in Congress right now... R

This is from infoplease.com and states the current seccession acording to the :

"Prior to the ratification of the 25th Amendment in 1967,
there was no provision for filling a vacancy in the vice presidency. When a
president died in office, the vice president succeeded him, and the vice
presidency then remained vacant. The first vice president to take office under
the new procedure was Gerald Ford, who was nominated by Nixon on Oct. 12, 1973,
and confirmed by Congress the following Dec. 6.

The Vice President Richard Cheney
Speaker of the House John Dennis Hastert
President pro tempore of the Senate1 Ted Stevens
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of the Treasury John Snow
Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
Secretary of the Interior Gale A. Norton
Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns
Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez2
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao3
Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson
Secretary of Transportation Norman Yoshio Mineta
Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson
Secretary of Homeland Security4 Michael Chertoff

NOTE: An official cannot succeed to the Presidency unless that person meets the Constitutional requirements.
1. The president pro tempore presides over the Senate when the vice president is absent. By tradition the position is held by the senior member of the majority party.
2. Carlos Gutierrez was born in Cuba and is ineligible.
3. Elaine Chao was born in Taiwan and is ineligible.
4. In late July 2005, the Senate passed a bill moving the Homeland Security secretary to number 8 on the list. The bill is awaiting House approval**. "

**Another hidden passage in the PATRIOT Act Rae

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