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Friday, January 06, 2006

Watertown Refuses to Put Iraq Referendum on the Ballot

I'm not sure if this letter to the editor will be published, so I thought I'd make sure it gets out. Watertown Peace and Democracy Coalition has nearly 100 members and they circulated an out of Iraq referendum to vote on for their ballot in April. The Watertwon Common Council refused to put it on the ballot even with more than 1,000 citizens signing the request. This is shameful. When elected officials decide they know better than the people they represent, it's a sad day in America. Below is a letter to the editor from one of the members of the WPDC. The entire state should call the Watertown Common Council and request that they reconsider their hubris.

To the editor:

As a citizen of Watertown I was stunned that the city council voted to dismiss the request by over 1000 of its residents to have a referendum on the April ballot. As an observer at the council meeting it seemed to me that the members were voting based on their own opinions of the proposed referendum with no consideration to the fact that nearly 5% of the residents wanted it placed on the ballot. When we take the time to vote we assume that the elected officials will be responsive to our needs and take notice of our requests. This did not appear to be the case at this weeks city council meeting. If over 1,000 residents signed the petition, my guess is there is probably at least another 1,000 with similar opinions that were never even approached to sign. So for arguments sake, we're probably talking about 10% or
better of the cities population being dismissed off hand by the city council. Perhaps some of the council members have been seated so long that they've forgotten that they are employed to serve the electorate. There is a great difference between voting to deny a zoning variance for a business to expand their parking and voting to ignore a petitioned request by 10% of their constituency. I hope that those who have taken the time to sign the petition will contact the council to let them know their opinions. And I hope that voters in the upcoming April election will give this recent action great consideration when casting their votes for council members.

Respectfully submitted,

Kurt Larsen

The voters in Watertown should revisit the lesson taught to out of control school board members in Dover, PA.

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Anonymous said...

You shoud get the facts traight before you comment on anything. A letter from th editor has a slanted point of view and doesn't tell the whole story. The original reason they did not pass it was it violated state statute 9.20. Get the facts straight before commenting.