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Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Dumb Idea Bites the Dust - Recognize the Courage of Conceal and Carry Opposition

I received this from Grassroots Northshore and I couldn't have said it better. This was a ridiculous proposal from the get go. The last thing we need in Milwaukee is more people with guns on the streets. Conceal & carry is not and never will be a deterrent to crime and those who support it need to get their testosterone levels checked (women included). Vigilanteism is never the way to handle crime and always leads to more accidents and more violent crimes being committed.
I want to personally thank the courageous politicians around the state who are beginning to stand up again and again and say that this extremeist agenda by our legislature must be stopped with the only thing we have left... Common sense!
Another Dumb Idea Bites the Dust
Recognize the Courage of Conceal and Carry Opposition
The job is simple yet necessary for thanking those who stood up against the NRA --

1. Call Governor Doyle at (608) 266-1212 and give him the following message: “Thank You for Standing up to the NRA and Protecting Our Communities!”

2. Click here to e-mail Representatives Steinbrink and Van Akkeren to thank them for standing with our Governor.

3. Thank our Rep. Sheldon Wasserman as well.

Bottom line. Wisconsin is one of the safest states in the country when it comes to violent crime. This bill is not only unnecessary, and would not only threaten lives but also the quality of life.

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