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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Enough is Enough...Time to Take A Stand...


The Constitutional Amendment is on the docket again today in the State Legislature. No one has any illusions that it won't be on the ballot in the Fall. Our Legislature is bought and paid for by the so-called Religious (if you can call Hatred a religion) Right.

Read my friend Xoff's blog today. It is excellent and it is the essence of the debate: Who will we consider a human being and who will we sell out their humanity for our own personal gain?

Well, the voters of Wisconsin have this one squarely in their lap now and the decision is the most important one Wisconsinites will ever make... In this world of US torture, murder, pre-emptive war, lying and manipulative politicians, and an all out declared war on the poor (not the same as a war on poverty), Wisconsinites now have the opportunity to stand together and fight for common decency, the rules of common humanity and make a statement that will be heard not only around the Nation, but around the world.

Wisconsities will never go back to McCarthism (regardless of the target), segregation (regardless of the target), the politics of hatred (regardless of the target).

We are a state of proud Progressives who created things for an entire country like the Fair Credit Reporting Act that for the first time allowed people to understand credit terms and a list of Clean Environmental Acts that give us the world we had in 2000 (before Bush started dismantling them).

I truly believe that our state will rise up again in November and tell the hate mongering politicians to STUFF IT.

You will NOT manipulate US with hatred.

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