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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Green Caught in Another Scandal...

I just received this in my email and the hypocrisy of the Right in this state just grows and grows!
While the news media continues to harp on the Chvala case as if this issue is entirely one sided and also continues to try to portray Jensen as a poor guy caught in a misunderstanding, I guess it's up to us bloggers to actually get out the real story.

This was standard practice by some politicians on both sides of the aisle. No one likes it, but people are being held accountable on the left and on the right the cover up just keeps getting deeper. Time to expose this and find some equity in our accountability. Green tried to wiggle out of the Abramhoff scandal and now he's been caught again in an inpropriety.

This guy wants to be our Governor? He has no business even in politics, let alone as the top official of our state. I'll put money on it though that he beats Scott Walker in the primary... As many problems as I have with Walker, this Green is the farthest from a clean politician that the Republican party in Wisconsin has to offer.

Doyle will welcome the battle in the fall.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006
CONTACT: Jessica Erickson, Communications Director, 608-260-2406

Caucus Scandal Evidence Piles Up Against Mark Green
More Unanswered Questions About What Green Knew About Illegal Campaigning on State Time
MADISON – New allegations regarding the illegal campaign activity of Mark Green and members of his staff continue to pile up, both in the ongoing caucus scandal trial of former GOP Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, and in media reports.

“New allegations arise on a daily basis that Mark Green knew and benefited from Republican staff members of the Assembly Republican Caucus campaigning on state time,” said Mike Murphy, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “As the Chair of the Republican Caucus, Mark Green was the fifth highest ranking Republican in the Assembly and it strains credibility to suggest that he didn’t know anything about this illegal activity that he clearly benefited from. He should come clean about the questions of what he knew and when he knew it.”

Allegations in today’s Wisconsin State Journal include:

Campaign assistance for Mark Green by the Assembly Republican Caucus (ARC) extended beyond his state campaigns to his 1998 congressional bid;
State staff for ARC were encouraged to campaign on races statewide;
Eric Grant, a graphic designer for ARC, worked on Mark Green’s 1998 congressional campaign;
Campaign literature for Mark Green’s congressional run was created by the ARC;
State staffers participated in a mass mailing for Green’s congressional campaign at the ARC office;
Mark Graul, Green’s campaign manager and former state aide to Green, communicated about Green’s campaign with Grant in the ARC office.

“As every day goes by, more facts emerge and Mark Green’s credibility gap grows. Mark Green needs to answer the questions and explain how his campaigns benefited from Wisconsin taxpayers’ money,” Murphy said.
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