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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The President is trying to kill Big Bird again...

So many things are extremely troubling about the President's new budget cuts, that I've decided to start with one of my pet peeves...

The President is trying to kill Big Bird again...

Does he actually believe that the massive public outcry that killed this proposal last year has just dried up??? Or did he put so many bad things in this years budget, that he thinks we will not notice because we are too busy trying to keep the poor, the young and the old fed and healthy??? False choices are the bed rock of this President's strategy.

With all the death and destruction that the President has wrought around the world, Sesame Street is one of those havens on TV that my young children & I can use to escape the realities of all the craziness on the news every day. After the outcry last year from Mom's and children Nationwide, you would think he would have gotten the point.

A good friend of mine calls it "Starving the Beast". You suck so much money out of the Government coffers to give to the wealthiest people and corporations in tax cuts and war profiteering that you nearly bankrupt the country and then cry wolf that there's no money left to deal with domestic issues that could actually make the country stronger, like educating poor children so that they can become productive adults.

When Sesame Street started in 1969, the effect was almost immediate. By the early 1970'2 the test scores for children across the country and across economic boundaries entering Kindergarten and 1st grade jumped substantially in areas that included reading readiness, socialization, and math skills for that generation of children who were affected and they haven't varied much since. I like to call it "The Sesame Street Effect".

Go ahead Mr. President, try to cut Sesame Street again. You apparently enjoyed the millions of letters, emails and phone calls you and congress received last year on this issue (one of the highest traffic issues of last year)....and this year we have a full, energetic and functioning blogosphere to reach more people than ever before!

Let's give it another round, but remember now that we have the internet, burying a bad idea in the middle of really bad ideas, doesn't work anymore. Too many of us have the information and the means to make a stink, and if we have to make a stink about 50 issues or 51 issues, that's just one more blog, email or phone call.

The people can and will stop this madness whether it's now by direct and relentless noise-making or in November with our votes. We are organizing, we have the tools and don't kid yourselves, we also have the will.

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justin from nyc said...


The link to the yahoo news item relating to this Big Bird post is gone or not working. Could you repost with a working link or make a new post summarizing the new ways Bush is trying to bring down PBS?