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Monday, March 13, 2006

Be Still My Heart...

...Charlie Sykes wrote a blog that was thoughtful.

Charile & I go way back...well about 4 or 5 years when I was regularly on as an anonymous liberal call in guest that he'd occasionally allow to make a point. I never agreed with him, but he has in one fell swoop made more sense about why the Discrimination Amendment is a bad idea than most solid liberals can make in 20 blogs.

As you all know, I am against and am working hard to defeat this cynical, Conservative mockery of our laws, our Constitution and our political process. That I may have an unlikely potential ally in Charlie Sykes, threw me for a loop.

I want to eat a little crow here. I, like Eye on Wisconsin, made assumptions that may not have been fair about how Milwaukee talk radio would rant and rant on this until November.

On this issue though, it seems my assumption may have been premature. I humbly and openly welcome Charlie into the ranks of Straight Allies who have decided that although this particular legislation doesn't personally affect us, it's a really, really bad idea to mess with the Constitution like this at the expense of any group of Wisconsinites.

My virgin blog was on this issue, because it so upsets me that my legislator Alberta Darling stupidly supported this legislation. She should (and could) be recalled for it although I hear through the grapevine she's retiring in '08... She is the only Republican I have ever voted for...a mistake I'll not make again. She lied to my face for 45 minutes about protecting women's rights and "changing the Party from within". I fell for it and have regretted that mistake ever since.

My trust level with the Right is pretty nil right now, for Sykes to have posted this blog gives me some comfort that not all Radical Right Conservatives are absolutely insane...although he does leave it as undecided, his rational arguments against the Amendment are strikingly sound.

Thanks Charlie!

Renee (Rae)

Dennis York has a hilarious take on this.

Eye on Wisconsin has a great take also.

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WatchdogMilwaukee.com said...

Don't allow yourself to get sucked in. Sykes is cynical and he'll follow the neo-con stream in the end.