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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Iraqi Polling Places Opened Nationwide in US, but Katrina Evacuees Forced to Rely on Bureaucracy

In January 2006. the US Government set up polling places nationwide for Iraqi's in the US to vote in the Iraq Election. This happened at great expense to the citizens of the US and about 26,000 Iraqis (about 10% of those eligible) registered under the program.

Democracy in action. Touted by the Bush Administration as an example of what's going right over there and the importance of all Iraqi citizens to have a voice in the future of their country.

Yet, millions of people -- United States citizens -- on the Gulf Coast of the US are displaced because of a natural disaster. Unable to return home for more reasons than can be listed are being asked to send in a letter with their current address and hope that election commissions have enough personnel to process the millions of requests for absentee ballots in time for the April 2006 election. Not to mention those displaced residents who may not have knowledge to even ask for a ballot!

The future of their property, lives and businesses relies on their ability to choose who will lead them into the next phase of rebuilding and yet, they are not given the same courtesy given to Iraqi's just two months ago all over this country!

This is an outrage!

The hypocrisy of the Administration to be willing to allow citizens of another country have the means to vote here in person at a polling place and yet, not open those same places to it's own citizens is absolutely shameful.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that we were wrong to open the Iraqi election to those living here. Even more, I applaud our attempt to open the Democratic system to those who could not participate in person...

What I find incredulous is that we will not do the same for Americans!!!!

Sound off on this one folks! Do you believe the Government should set up a system for displaced Gulf Coast residents to have a polling place in each of the major cities they are currently displaced to or do you believe that Iraqi's have more of a right to vote in this country, in another country's election than Americans do?

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