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Monday, March 06, 2006

Reynolds Goes for Death... Some Election Strategy...

Now the Death Penalty on the ballot in Wisconsin the September????

I keep hearing this on the news today, and can't yet find it on a Google search, but Tom Reynolds Republican state legislature is on the Death kick again. Not sure what this guy has against humans living, but his Death Penalty crusade is getting old and getting irritating. As the JS article from November eloquently states, innocent people die, and they die all the time.

Reynolds needs to get a grip. Everytime someone does something horrifying in Wisconsin (every few years), this guy decides that it's time to propose the murder of what are only probable criminals (the fact is the WI justice system is only as perfect as us humans). The Death penalty is however perfect...perfectly final that is... No take backs, no I'm sorries... Final.

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Samurai Sam said...

Completely off-topic but I wanted to tell you that I heard you on Joy Cardine's WPR show last week and I thought you were brilliant. Especially in contrast to the conservative wingnut from Accuracy In Media Joy had on this morning to argue for the elimination of the CPB.

I am a financial supporter of both PBS and Wisconsin Public Radio, and the last thing I want is to see Sesame Street poisoned with ads for toys and junk food. As a progressive, I believe public broadcasting offers one of the few remaining sources for unbaised, intelligent programing in this age of Rush Limbaugh and The Savage Nation.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the Bush administration's assault on public broadcasting out into the public light. With so many anti-American measures in one federal budget, it's easy to miss something important!