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Friday, March 24, 2006

Walker Bails on GOP WI Governor's Race

The all mighty $$$ is to blame according to Scott Walker who's pulled out of the Wisconsin Gov's race and left Congressman Mark Green (R-WI 8thCD) holding the bag to take on current Gov. Jim Doyle(D) in November.

No surprise, Walker would have never pulled the votes in Milwaukee County he would need to out run Doyle and statewide, he's completely unknown. Also mired in rumors of past financial difficulties and his inane plans to put Starbucks in every park in the county have often made him a laughing stock on his own turf.

Green on the other hand won't have an easy ride either. Milwaukee and Madison voters hardly know who he is and with the word Republican after his name on the ballot, he'll have a hard time both here and in Madison. He will have a lot of dough though and some pull in a statewide race.

Well Jim...this race is now yours to lose... Don't blow it!

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