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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Waukesha About to Silence It's Own Voice

Waukesha County voters are about to make a decision that will seriously affect their own voices.

I just don't get it. In this day when only 8 people represent the entire state of Wisconsin in the House of Reps, when population shifts and redistricting have seriously limited the voice of the people in voting nationwide and when the only voices we seem to have left are at the local level where we have the ability to vote for someone who represents us in small neighborhood groups, Waukesha is about to silence their own voices?!?!

Don't they understand the way our system works? Having someone who represents you and your views in your Government is critical to our Democracy, and yet, they are trying to force the Government to take away their representation, in effect silence their own voices?????

I know Waukesha is an anamoly in it's insane local conservative politics, but I guess they don't teach civics in Waukesha schools. I don't live there, I am not affected in the least by the size of their county board, and yet, I still think it's the strangest thing I've ever seen to have people fighting to remove their own right to representation in their Government.

Good luck with that approach Waukesha, you vote for this crazy referendum, you deserve to not have a voice...


grumps said...

There is a headlong rush in some quarters to reduce the size of the government with no concurrent acknowledgement of the effects on the quality of government.

The Grover Norquist theories are being shown as unworkable from Plaquemine Parish to Iron County. Scott Walsker's faied efforts in Milwaukee County will lead to a similar effort there if Waukesha County gives up its system.

I think the poison pill to cut to 25 may be a decent compromise. My wife has worked with a number of county boards across the state and it's her opinion that some of them could stand a little pruning, if only to stave off inertia.

Georgia said...

Just goes to show you - there are those who believe their voices SHOULD NOT be heard.

Why couldn't that rub off on Limbaugh???

Crawford's Take said...

Except they voted that proposal down. Waukesha County is huge! 35 members is probably just fine for the size of the district. The people who will be hurt least are the businesses who will have less people to arm twist. The individual residents will have less access to their officials. It's pure insanity as far as I'm concerned. Smaller county boards are notorious for spending more money because the less people who have to sign off on the check, the easier it is to get the check approved.

I think it's just pure idiocy...