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Friday, April 14, 2006

All LGBTQ Service Members Should Organize and Come Out at the Same Time!

Lesbian Woman Sues US Military over Discharge

I think it is the perfect time for the LGBTQ to COME OUT! The US Governement is entangled in a battle with no end (that should have never been started), recruitment is at all time lows, the enlisted service people are on their 2nd, 3rd and 4th tours of duty, and every body they have is going to be used beyond is viability to continue this insanity.

LGBTQ people have served in our military since we had a military, and yet they are still the only group that our Government continues to systematically persecute for how God made them. An estimated 10% of the population identifies as LGBTQ and it would follow that at least 10% of the population of our enlisted men and women are also LGBTQ. They are just not allowed to "tell" (remember Clinton's brillant "don't ask, don't tell" wish-wash?). They can be singled out and persecuted for who they are (see the article above) at the whim of any commander.

So think about this. If the approximately 13,000 LGBTQ service members now (right now) serving in Iraq (10% of 130,000), and 180,000 LGBTQ troops currently on active duty (1.8 million on active duty currently), just picked a day and came out to their commanders on the spot. The military would have only have two options. Either send home 180,000 (including 13,000) troops from all over the world, or recognize their rights as human beings to love whomever they please.

I'll throw out a random date June 10th because it's my birthday and it seems as good a day as any. Should you wish to pick another day, let me know I've got your back!

The mantle has been thrown down. Do the troops want equality? Now is your chance, take it!!! If you decide to do it, we will support you here at home with Support Your LGBTQ Troops rallies and parades across the country.

Why not??? Why not all come out at the same time???????? What better time or situation to show your numbers, your unity, your pride in who you are??????

You deserve the same Freedoms you fight for all over the world.

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