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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Call Herb Kohl NOW!!! Before He Votes to Cover Up Bush's Crimes...

I just got this in my email from the ACLU Action Network. It's really important that Senator Kohl hear from us all today!!! He could possibly make the worst vote of his career and permanently change our rights. I don't know how he's planning to vote, because he hasn't said, but from past experience, he's not sure either, so as his constituents, we must help him make up his mind to do the right thing (before he makes another disasterous vote like he did in Feb to renew the PATRIOT Act's anti-constitutional provisions).

Call him and tell him you oppose these bills and DO IT TODAY!!! The NSA spying must fully be investigated, if this bill passes, a formally illegal practice will be made legal. No accountability, and full rights for the President to spy on all of us without judicial review, probable cause or a warrant. In other words, he can spy on anyone in America for any reason at any time and will never have to tell anyone why he wanted to spy, who he's spying on or how long they will be under surveillance and you will have no way to challenge the fact that you are being spied on, if you even know that it's happening. This is a President who's spied on Peace Action, the Raging Grannies (acquitted 4/27/06 of disorderly conduct charges--great story, you MUST read it) and the Quakers. Giving him and all future Presidents that kind of authority to invade our privacy is tantamount to creating a totalitarian state.

When I called I was told that Senator Kohl considers constituent opinion as a top priority when dedicing how to vote, so your phone call is critical!!!!


To Our Friends in Wisconsin,
This week the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering two bills that would reward President Bush’s illegal actions by allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to continue spying on Americans in violation of our laws. These bills are being pushed through even though Congress has failed to learn key facts about the program.
Senator Kohl sits on this committee and can stop both of these bills dead in their tracks.
We need you to call Senator Kohl right now.
In Milwaukee: (414) 297-4451In Washington, DC: (202) 224-5653
Tell him to oppose both Senate Bill 2453 and Senate Bill 2455. Congress needs to get the facts about the NSA spying program before making it legal.
Both bills would have the effect of whitewashing the illegal NSA domestic spying program. Conservatives and progressives agree that this program should not be made legal.
Congress has a duty to get the facts, not help the Bush administration cover them up. The Senate Judiciary Committee must uphold its responsibility to the Constitution and the American people by opposing these misguided bills.
Tell Senator Kohl to get the facts about the warrantless NSA domestic spying before making it legal.
Calls are needed to several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Please take a moment and forward this email to your friends and family who live in Wisconsin, Illinois, Delaware, South Carolina, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois. They can look up their member’s phone number here.
ADDITIONAL DETAILS FOR YOU:S. 2453, a bill written by Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), would supposedly restore judicial review of wiretaps, but the law already requires judicial review and the president has ignored it. Senator Specter’s bill would allow the courts to approve programs of surveillance, diminishing the Constitution’s requirement there be probable cause that an American is doing something wrong before their communications can be seized.
S. 2455, a bill written by Senator Mike DeWine (R-PA), would also attempt to rewrite probable cause to allow warrantless surveillance of Americans’ calls and emails without evidence that they are conspiring with suspect terrorists. It would make judicial review of wiretaps optional and would reduce the amount of information the president is required to give Congress about the program.
Sincerely, Caroline FredricksonDirector, ACLU Washington Legislative Office
Help the Defense of Civil Liberties!
Click here to become a Card-Carrying Member today!
Tell your friends.
Visit the ACLU's Action Center and get active.

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