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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Call to Activists in Wisconsin: Time to March on Madison!

Tomorrow the State Legislature is going to take up a bill to place a resolution on the death penalty on the ballot for the September 2006 election. They will be taking public testimony
on this issue and it's CRITICALLY important that we turnout IN PERSON to oppose this referendum. Our wise Wisconsin fore-fathers abolished the Death Penalty in 1853. At the time, it was not a popular thing to do and the public support was luke warm at best, but our leaders in their wisdom made a decision that our state would no longer participate in the murder of it's citizens. It was a moral decision and it was a decision that has made me proud to be a Wisconsinite throughout my life. I stay here because I believe I am SAFER in a non-death penalty state. I would never commit a capital crime, but should I be falsely accused, as have hundreds of people around this country, I know that with time and conviction I will NOT be murdered by the state before I have a chance to prove my innocence.

I am STRONGLY opposed to the death penalty. I have written about it before. In a society where race, poverty, education levels, and social class are THE determining factor in the level of justice meted on an individual, it is unconscienable that we would even consider a punishment as final and irreversable as death. Studies show over and over again that the death penalty is not a deterrant to crime, they show that poor and minorites and the young and the mentally ill are overwhelmingly the ones who sit on death row while the wealthy and white is nearly a guarantee of a life sentence over death. Moreover, the false and

Assembly Public Hearing: Committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 12:30 PM - or upon adjournment of the Executive Session 417 North (GAR Hall) State Capitol
Senate Joint Resolution 5
Relating to: providing for an advisory referendum on the question of enacting the death penalty in this state.
By Senators A. Lasee, Reynolds, S. Fitzgerald and Roessler; cosponsored by Representatives Kaufert, Gunderson, Stone, Hines, Kreibich, F. Lasee, LeMahieu, Lothian, Musser, Ott, Owens, Pettis, Pridemore, Vos and Ainsworth.
An Executive Session may be held on the above items immediately following the hearing. Representative Scott Suder Chair

The more people who show up to oppose the more reluctant the legislators
will be to vote to reinact the dealth penalty in Wisconsin.
Let's march and tell them we do NOT condone state sponsored

For those of you who have not been to Madison to testify on an issue, do not be intimidated! The Legislature BELONGS to the citizens of the state and the legislators WORK FOR YOU!

You can stop in, fill out a form that states that you oppose the Senate Joint Resolution 5 and leave, or if you feel comfortable doing so, sign up to speak.

See you there!

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