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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Iraq War Referendums in WI

I worked so hard on this and am so humbled by the result, that it's taken me 24 hours to figure out how to post my pleasure about the WI referendums on my blog. The best I can think of is to take Keith Schmitz's Grassroots Northshore email and repost it for all to see!

WI rocks!!!! Renee



ACTIVISM -- The Iraq Withdrawal Referendums --- What Does It Mean
ACTIVISM -- Kennedy Campaign and GRNS Gets Moving
ACTIVISM -- Weekend to Help a Real Democrat
EVENTS -- Bobby K at UWM


It's Time to Go
Iraq Withdrawal Referendums Sweep North Shore
Great work!

Tuesday Shorewood gave a thumping endorsement to US troop withdrawal with 70% of those going to the polls calling for US Troops to be out of Iraq by the end of the year.

The real head turner however was the 54% of the voters in Whitefish Bay, former conservative bastion, endorsing the start of an immediate pullout.

As a result on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and good buddy of Jeff Gannon said that the Bush Administration has no choice but to begin the pull-out.

Sorry, April Fools was last Saturday.

Conservative pundits are tells us we had our feel good and it is time to move on. Please, please, please, move on. The Journal stuck the news way into the Metro Section on Wednesday and as of yet run no editorials. No mention in the New York Times.

But. We were mentioned in newspapers not only across the country but around the world. We made it on to the ABC News. We were the lead on All Things Considered and have once again landed in The Nation.

Most of all, this is not the sneeze in the wind the wingnuts think this is. Chuck Baynton did a brilliant job bringing this thing home in the Bay. Though not really a GRWFB activity, many of its members participated.

In Shorewood 30 volunteers worked seven weekends to coral 100 valid signatures to make it on the ballot, and then GRS and the Hickey/Hanewall campaigns covered Shorewood with leaflets.

So what did this get us?

First off, Glendale and Fox Point will be leading the charge of many other communities to put Iraq withdrawal on their November ballots. A good idea on its own, this will also attract progressive turnout. Meanwhile, other groups other parts of the country are contacting us about how to start a GRNS style group.

As for us. we proved our organizing prowess and the commitment of our volunteers. The right wingers might take so lance in thinking this will drift away, but now we are ready to roll up our sleeves. We are ready to...


Help Bryan Kennedy Move into DC

Meet with Bryan to Kick Off Kick Out Sensenbrenner 2006
Save the Date -- Wednesday/April 12th at 7:00. Place TBD -- Watch for an Action Alert

The target is Jim Sensenbrenner. The weapon will be the Bryan Kennedy campaign. We can will this, so let's send this middle-class screwing, rich person tax cutting, Teri Schiavo pandering, Hispanic hating, Gulf Coast dissing Congressman back to wherever in the world it is he calls home.

Join Bryan and GRNS to discuss how this campaign will work, and how you will make it work.


Take Some Time This Weekend
Join Riley in Taking 7th Senate District for Democrats
The Donovan Riley campaign will be canvassing the airport area this weekend. Riley is running against pseudo-Democrat Jeff Plale and is on the quest to restore backbone to our state legislature.

This matters because Plale has voted against progressive values a number of times.

To volunteer, contact the Riley campaign at volunteer@rileyforstatesenate.org and they will send you more details. For those of you on the East Side, this is your race.


Bobby Kennedy Jr. Coming to UWM
On Thursday, May 5th at 8:00 pm Bobby Kennedy Jr. will be appearing at UWM.

Environmental lawyer/activist Robert Kennedy, Jr. has earned his reputation as a defender of the environment. Having successfully confronted governments and companies polluting the Hudson River and Long Island Sound, Kennedy has moved others to action. Kennedy's book, Crimes Against Nature, details the poor environmental record of the current Bush administration as compared to Republican and Democratic administrations of the past.

In his speech, he discusses the important role our natural surroundings play in our work and our health, and he reminds us that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

To Subscribe, Unsubscribe or for more information -- kschmitz@grassrootsnorthshore.org

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