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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scooter Rolls on President Bush

...- Impeachment is the Only Response!

It's finally happened. Someone told the truth and now the ONLY response is to impeach President Bush.

  • Whereas, President George W. Bush failed to protect and negliently allowed Americans direct harm including suffering and death during the Hurricane Katrina disaster by not performing his job in the face of a National Disaster, and to present has made no substantial attempts to make those Americans displaced whole,
  • Whereas, President George W. Bush deliberately and with malice lied about the intelligence to take us into the Iraq War that led to 2,500 American soldier deaths,
  • Whereas, President George W Bush as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America has ultimate responsibility for the torture and death of 100's of prisoners under the control of the US military and has broken the Geneva Conventions and several other international treaties on human rights duly signed by the United States government,
  • Whereas, President George W. Bush wiretapped the correspondence of American people on American soil illegally, by deliberately, and with full knowledge of the illegality of his actions (see video taped speech from 2004) refusing to provide the Justice system with the necessary justifications to do such surveillance as required by the laws the set forth by Congress in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,
  • Whereas, President George W. Bush deliberately and with malice in the process of such leaking of agent Plame's name to the media destroyed over 30 years of international covert intelligence circles and severely hurt the United States' ability to protect its citizens,
  • Therefore, we the American people and the Congress of the United States affirmatively state that the illegal, immoral actions of President George W. Bush rise to the the level of both treason and high crimes and misdemeanors laid out by our Constitution and so warrant full impeachment hearings to begin immediately to determine whether or not President George W. Bush's actions pose a National Security threat to the safety and security of the United States and it's citizens.

Allright Sensenbrenner, you tried to impeach Clinton for lying about a blow job. What else does this President have to do to rise to the level of a criminal and a threat to the American people, government, and way of life??? I've done the hard work for you and written the Articles of Impeachment. You seem to be a little frustrated with these guys already...put up or shut up!

It's your move, tread carefully, or your next best move may be to retire, because the Grassroots in your district have spoken loudly, shown their muscle on the ground and will hold you accountable at the polls in just six short months....

1 comment:

Georgia said...

Hey - Bush should be impeached.
But - remember what the entire country went through for Clinton's blow job? Yes, I would absolutely LOVE seeing the prick impeached.... but I just don't see how that event could/would heal the woes of our gutless party.

We (well - I) really need to see some strong leadership examples from my fellow Dems. It sure as heck hasn't happened thus far.

Everyone in office today seems to be talking to the creators of their talking points (middle of the road - and no positions that are firmly stated...).

I'm really sick of the 'no position' until the numbers are in on that subject (abortion, taxes, definitions of marriage, education monies, on and on and on.....)

Renee - You have to keep talking to the issues. Somebody needs to keep us in the real now events...