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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bush Bows to Crazy Righties Again

From Human Rights Watch:

Dear Renee, After weeks of silence on the issue, it was announced today that President Bush has decided to bow to the demands from right-wing extremist groups and hold a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House to reiterate his support of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Fred Barnes reported in the conservative Weekly Standard, in newsstands today, that the Rose Garden press conference is scheduled for Monday, June 5th, a day before the Senate is expected to vote on the Constitutional amendment.
Before President Bush announces his renewed support for the FMA, call the White House and let him know that discrimination has no place in the U.S. Constitution. You can reach the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111.The American people can now officially feel confident that their priorities are not what this President or this Congress are concerned about. Unfortunately, we have leadership in Washington that cares more about writing discrimination into our Constitution than they do about solving the problems of real Americans.It is a disgrace that President Bush has yet again caved to extremists and continues to push their priorities rather than focusing on the issues that matter to the American people. President Bush will stand in the White House Rose Garden, a place often reserved for occasions of unity and justice in our country’s history, and instead use it as a backdrop to push discrimination against a group of Americans. The President has once again shown that far-right extremists are deciding the agenda for our country. This news comes after weeks of intense pressure by leading right-wing extremists groups calling on President Bush to immediately speak out on the Federal Marriage Amendment. These groups attacked the White House when the only voices speaking out on the Amendment were First Lady Laura Bush and Mary Cheney’s comments against the extremists pushing the FMA for political purposes. Now, President Bush has decided he needs to tell them exactly what they want to hear. Please, take a moment now to contact the White House and tell the President to stop using the Constitution as a political weapon to appease his radical base. You can reach the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111.Thank you for your ongoing commitment to equality.Sincerely,Joe SolmonesePresident P.S. Fight the Fedeal Marriage Amendment. Make a donation to the Human Rights Campaign today, and your gift will be matched by HRC Board Member Bruce Bastian. Click here to double your impact today. P.P.S. See all the latest on the HRC website about the Federal Marriage Amendment – click here: http://www.hrc.org/voteno/voteno.htm

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Georgia said...

Bush does not bow to the righties honey - - -
He BENDS over!