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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Does Shorewood Need More Businesses?

Shorewood Wisconsin is one mile square. It starts at the edge of UWMilwaukee on the South, rolls along Lake Michigan on the East, stops at the edge of Whitefish Bay on the North and on the West is flanked by the Milwaukee River. One Mile Square.

My husband and I were pondering my previous post and the question arose. If we were going to start a business in a community that is one mile square, what type of business does Shorewood currently need? That was a harder question to answer than we anticipated, and the only logical place to start suddenly seemed to be to list the businesses we already have in Shorewood. We started listing off the top our head the businesses we could immediately think of in Shorewood...one mile square...here is that list...

4 Banks
8 beauty shops
2 purely old fashioned drugstores
1 Walgreens
6 gas stations
1 full grocery store
1 high end grocery store
1 Russian grocery store
1 fancy bakery
4 coffee shops including 1 with sandwiches & fresh bread
1 bagel shop
1 tanning salon
2 bookstores (1 full selection, 1 Christian)
2 funeral homes
4 dry cleaners
1 high end jewelry store
1 high end art galery
1 Women's only workout gym
1 full service family gym
1 paint store
1 specialty medical clinic
1 family medial clinic
1 French language center
countless doctors and dentists
countless insurance, financial and real estate professionals
1 Irish Dance Studio
2 Computer services firms
1 cell phone retailer
2 florists
1 bike repair shop
2 tax preparers (at least)
1 pottery studio
1 specialty lighting company
1 camera store
1 laundrymat
1 stationery store
3 clothing stores (1 women's, 1 men's, 1 children's)
1 garden shop and tea room
1 tailor shop
2 pet clinics
1 liquor store
2 video stores
2 eye care centers
1 Gilda's club
1 antique/consignment store
1 Renal Clinic
and no less than 14 Restaurants (not listed above) - including 4 chinese, 1 pie place, 1 fast food/ice cream, 1 full service/ice cream, 1 ice cream shop, a fish place, an affordable family place, a high end fish place, a high end everything else place, a Pub for snacks and beer, a New Orleans themed place, a Jewish deli and I'm sure we've missed something!

A quick (10 minutes to go around Shorewood) drive revealed
1 granite store
4 more florists
2 truck driving schools
at least 8 more beauty shops
at least 3 more barber shops
1 more paint store
2 yoga studios
1 Russian Gallery
2 driving schools
2 pizza places
4 architects
1 medical equipment store
1 Russian bookstore
1 more shoe repair shop
1 wine restaurant
lots more accountants
1 car service station (no gas)
3 natural spa type places
2 temp services firm
2 major telemarketing companies
1 veterans post with fish fries and a bar
2 more computer repair shops
several builders
a UPS store
2 more dry cleaners
1 handbag and accessory store
1 art glass store
3 more jewelry stores
1 more antique/collector store
1 diet food store
lots more chiropractors, natural healing places and massage therpists
and a few more I couldn't write fast enough to take down...

So help us out! In a village that's one mile square, can you think of what type of stores will fill all these NEW first floor under the condos, "cute little shops"? And in a village one mile square, who is going to shop in all these new "cute little shops"? And if it's the new residents in those condos, who's going to support ALL THOSE BUSINESSES I LISTED ABOVE?????

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