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Monday, May 01, 2006

Kagen's Pulling at My Heart Strings

I am trying really hard to stay neutral in the 8th CD race, but if Nancy and Jamie refuse to support my favorite politician Russ Feingold, they've drawn a line I refuse to cross...

Kagen showed his backbone last week and publically stated he supports Russ Feingold's censure resolution in a debate. Nusbaum and Wall refused to do the same. The last thing Wisconsin needs to send to Washington are more Democrats who roll over on the big issues.

My open heart on the 8th just got a big pull in the Kagen direction.


WisPolitics: 8th CD Dems Debate Campaign Fundraising, Ethics4/26/2006 By Alec Loftus WisPolitics StaffGREEN BAY -- Allergist Steve Kagen, who has poured more than $1.4 million of his own money into the race for the Democratic nomination in the 8th CD, defended his large contributions Monday night in a debate, saying he was the one candidate who "can not be bought."Kagen, making his first bid for public office, tried to distance himself from fellow Dems Jamie Wall, a Green Bay businessman who worked in Gov. Jim Doyle's administration, and Nancy Nusbaum, who has previously served as Brown County executive and mayor of DePere."I'm an outsider. I'm the only outsider in this race. I'm a non-politician," Kagen said in the hour long debate at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. More than 200 people attended the forum sponsored by WisPolitics, the school's chapter of the College Democrats and Project VOTE of Brown County.Wall countered by taking subtle shots at Kagen and Nusbaum."I'm not a millionaire. I don't have the ability to fund my own campaign," said Wall, who repeatedly referred to growing up on a dairy farm in northeastern Wisconsin.He also said he didn't have a "special interest from out of state funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into my campaign."Nusbaum's campaign has benefited from an influx of cash from the women's advocacy group EMILY's List, which backs female candidates who support abortion rights.All three criticized what they described as a corrupt culture in Washington, D.C., and supported campaign finance reform to minimize the influence of special interests.Nusbaum took a shot at Assembly Republicans for failing to address the ethics issue, singling out Assembly Speaker John Gard, who is seeking the GOP nomination for the congressional district against fellow state Rep. Terri McCormick. Nusbaum accused Gard of trying to block ethics reform in the state Assembly.
All three Democrats had praise for U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, but Kagen was the only one who came out strongly in support of the Wisconsin Democrat's proposal to censure President Bush over his domestic wiretapping program.
"I believe in obeying the law. Š I stand with Russ Feingold on the subject of censure," Kagen said.The three also said they opposed an amendment to the state constitution that would define marriage as between one man and one woman while outlawing Vermont-style civil unions.Nusbaum talked about her daughter, who is married with two kids, and her son, who is gay. She said he told her of his sexual orientation for the first time a couple of years ago."We love both of our kids, and I can't turn my back on my son and I don't support the marriage amendment," Nusbaum said. She added she did not want to go to Washington to fight for gay marriage but to support jobs and affordable health care.

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