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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One of My Pet Peeves...

When a candidate cites a poll as independent and then you find out later that it's paid for by their largest donor. Tony's got the story all wrong.


At least Kagen was honest when he released his poll. He paid for it and he tells everyone he did.

He cites the Mellman poll as being an independent poll that was not FOR Nusbaum, but was FOR the district, whereas Kagen's poll was specifically FOR Kagen.

First, of all, the Mellman Group is doing the polling for Emily's List, the organization that has endorsed and is helping to fund Nusbaum's campaign.

Secondly, the poll was conducted before Kagen went up on TV.
After Kagen went up on TV, he polled the district and, before any additional information about the candidates was given, Kagen had a 46 to 20 percent lead over Nancy.

In addition, Fairbank, Maslin, Maulin, and Assoc are nationally respected pollsters that did the polling for Howard Dean in the presidential primary. The poll that they conducted in early May most accurately reflects the attitudes of the district at this time, as opposed to the when the Mellmann Group went into the field, March 22nd through March 26th.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

Renee, did you see this article on a botched WS drug task force police raid? I'm pretty sure the task force is the same type we dealt with in Tulia that ultimately lost all their funding.

Hope all's well.

Crawford's Take said...

I'm on it. :) Thanks for the post! I hadn't seen this link. All's well.