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Monday, May 15, 2006

Utah on My Mind

I just spent the last week in the last place on earth I thought I would ever go...Utah. Boy was I wrong to be concerned! I went for a work related convention and we stayed for several days in Park City, UT at the Canyon's Resort. I then went with a few colleagues to the Sundance region (yes, Redford's private heaven) and stayed in a private home of a friend nestled in the mountains of Utah. Now, Utah has it's drawbacks...try to buy anything but a 3.2 beer on a Sunday...no, don't, they're serious! But the state of Utah and in particular the Sundance alcove is perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever seen on earth.

Our conference was fascinating and it's always quite a wonderful thing to be surrounded by 500 people who agree with you on nearly everything. In particular I'd like to thank my new friends from Texas who as a group are the liveliest, most brilliant, and rip-roarin'-est people I've ever known! Proud to call all y'all friends!

A special thank you to James who stayed with me in my sandals suntanning in the snow at the top of a waterfall. Long story, but the short of it is that I'm sure the view was great from the helicopter and I'm glad we missed it!

Well, finally, I'd like to thank the lovely family who gave us their home in the heavens for a few days. Their hospitality, friendship and generosity made Utah the most wonderful trip I've ever taken in my life, and hint, hint, can't wait to come back. Utah should be beaming at the seams to have people as wonderful as my new friends hidden in the bossom of the Rocky's!


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