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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

White Supremecy Alive and Well on Faux News

John Gibson host of The Big Story on Faux News put his foot in his mouth twice with in a one week period of time. On May 11th, he does a My Story piece where he complains that population shifts in the US are going to make Hispanics the majority population in a few short years because Hispanics are having more babies and "white people are having fewer". "We need more babies." ("we" very clearly referring to white people) he indignantly complains.

Then Gibaon goes on to say that in Europe Muslim immigrants are taking over the white population making Europe " Eurabia".

He tries even harder to make his point by saying that Russia is paying people to have babies because of their emmigration problem (sounds like Putin's creating the greatest threat to Republicans in the US over the last 20 years -- "welfare moms" --suddenly a good idea Gibson?).

Directly from the story:

"To put it bluntly: We need more babies. Forget that zero population growth stuff of my poor, misled generation.
Why is this important? Because civilizations need populations to survive. So far we're doing our part here in America
(referring to the white population's slow growth),
but Hispanics can't carry the whole load. The rest of you: Get busy. Make babies. Or put another way, a slogan for our times: Procreation not recreation."

If this racist and disgustingly white supremecist rant wasn't bad enough, check out his "apology"!!! Suddenly he's okay with black people having babies as well as white people (I wonder what he thinks about people like me who muddle the entire gene pool by interracial marriage).

Well, you would have thought I put on a sheet and pointy cap and started riding around at night carrying torches.
People called me a racist, and for what? For simply saying we ought to be having more babies in this country and that while Hispanics were doing their part, others should be doing more.
If you look at the demographic trends — as I have — you could conclude — as I have — that 50 years from now Europe will be brown and Muslim, and America will be brown and Christian.
I am fine with that America and I have said so many times. I'd rather live with the Christians here than live under Sharia law in Europe.

As far as I'm concerned, he's just made the whole thing worse!!! This is the rationale that makes these nimwits want a woman's private medical records to make sure they don't get abortions and can't take birth control-ask your WI Republican legislator - (too few women of color having them and too many white middle class women having too few kids-god forbid they want to go to college and be independent), got rid of welfare (if we keep supporting "those irresponsible sluts" they will keep producing Bebe's Kids families), and now demonizes ALL Muslims and the entire religion for the act of a few (hey, wasn't Tim McVey a good Christian boy??).

"Procreate not recreate" is his new motto. He's standing by it and seems to think that if he says he's not a white supremecist, then he's not one, regardless of what else comes out of his ignorant mouth. Well, just because he doesn't have a pointy hat on, doesn't mean we don't still see it.

It's disgusting and un-American (land of the immigrant, land of the free). Apparently it's only the land of the European immigrant, oh, and the slaves they brought with them...

Even Faux News should be ashamed of the blantant hatred in both of these rants. They won't apologize though, the message reached it's target audience and that's all that matters to them.

White women be afraid, be very afraid...

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