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Monday, June 26, 2006

Flag AMENDMENT Vote Imminent! Call Feingold and Kohl and tell DO NOT AMEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT!

I just got this email and it's critical that our Senators know that we DO NOT want to amend the First Amendment!!!


Flag amendment supporters are flooding Washington with phone calls. Our side must do the same. The vote is closer than ever, and we are now within just one vote of losing this fight.
It is critical that you call both your senators right now and tell them to vote “no” on the flag amendment.

Herb Kohl - (202) 224-5653
Russell 'Russ' D. Feingold - (202) 224-5323

To look up different senators, go to http://action.aclu.org/flag or call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Here are some talking points for your phone calls:

Please vote “no” on the Flag Amendment. This amendment violates every principle the flag represents.

The Flag Amendment would, for the first time ever, restrict freedoms granted to us by the Bill of Rights, setting a dangerous precedent that puts all of our liberties at risk.

A free country can stay free only if citizens have the right to voice their opinions. The flag amendment is the first step in curtailing that right.Even if you senators have expressed opposition to the amendment, we still need you to call and urge them to stand firm.
Free expression and the right to dissent are core principles that the American flag represents.

Freedom cannot survive if exceptions are made every time someone in power disagrees with a particular act or statement.

Please, call your senators right now and tell them to oppose the flag amendment. This is one issue that we cannot afford to lose.


Casper said...

Let me throw this one at you...

Think of the flag as a representation of our nation, not necessarily our administration.

And then think that burning the flag is actually a symbolic act against the U.S., and not whoever is in charge.

It's not that I disagree with you, I'm just exploring all aspects.

Georgia said...

Thanks Renee! Made the pertinent calls...

Hey - are you as MIFFED about the repugnants "cut and run" finger pointing mantra as I am? Why do THEY continue to use the same tired crap over and over and over?

I think the Bush "Iran" War should be ended, and we should bring our kids home - "Pack'em'up and save their lives" - as soon as possible.

If there is still work to be done in Iran - let's send all the very astute congressfolk and senators that believe the party line crap over to do their OWN damn bidding.... OR even better - perhaps their CHILDREN. Bet the war would be ended poste haste if THEIR kids had to go to that hell hole.

Just some thoughts....

Crawford's Take said...

This would have been the first amendment to the Bill of Rights that all American's hold sacred since it was written.

It takes some guts for these guys to think they know more than our Founding Fathers about rights.

ANY Amendment to our Constitution should be carefully thought out and should always be with the consideration of expanding the rights of the people of the United States. When legislators change Constitutions to limit the people's rights, they are actually turning their backs on the people (no matter how they cloak the idea, even in the flag).

Flag read the Flag Code. It explicitly states that to dispose of a flag, it should be burned!

Polo will have to change their logo, flag bikinis will definitely be a new reason to ticket many people, hide your flag sunglasses, balloons and an entire industry of Memorial Day and Independence Day merchandisers will be shit out of luck.

Who gets to decide the definition of "desecration" (which by the way is a religious word...)? If I find your book with the flag on the cover offensive, can I file suit under the US Constitution to ban it because it desecrates the flag to have it on that crappy book?? Will Stephen Colbert have to change the beginning of his show because the show is "anti-American" to some people and he's cloaked it in the flag?

Pandering to a minoritity of freaks based on some misguided blind Patriotism is what Conservatives do best. The Dems who could have used the opportunity to educate the public on the irresponsibility of messing with the Constitution everytime an election rolls around, but instead who caved and voted yes ought to be run out of office. The few true Republicans left in Congress who voted no ought to take their party to task for this idiocy.

Eternal Vigilance!