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Friday, June 23, 2006

One Wisconsin Now Announces Launch

Here's the Press Release:

One Wisconsin Now Announces Launch
New Website Kicks Off Effort to Advance Common Good Agenda

Jun 23, 2006: The time is now. OWN Your Voice, OWN Our Future and join in our cause. One Wisconsin Now, Inc. (OWN), a new, independent, non-partisan advocacy organization is launching and making public our new website onewisconsinnow.org.
One Wisconsin Now is the beginning of a long-term effort to re-light the flame of Wisconsin's proud progressive tradition on public policy, to modernize and strengthen our state's progressive infrastructure, to build the common good, and to win the ideas and values debate in Wisconsin.
A Common Good Agenda for WisconsinWe are a new, citizen-based, grassroots effort that will empower the people of Wisconsin by creating a new and genuine dialogue that gives them a voice on the direction of our state’s public policy and access to the organizing and activism tools to affect real change. Our new website, onewisconsinnow.org has also launched a new blog, One Blog, a daily Forward Report on the news of the day, and a daily issue and public policy focus to advance citizen discussion, advocacy, and activism by building a bottom-up, progressive Echo Chamber. We are guided by the belief that we are stronger as a state with an engaged and participatory citizenry, and a healthy, inclusive democracy that is working together for the common good.
Your engagement and support will help us find solutions to the challenges our state citizen’s face everyday and develop public policy proposals that reflect our shared Wisconsin values – Community, Opportunity, Shared Responsibility, Fairness and Freedom.
Learn more...About One Wisconsin Now
Operating exclusively for the benefit of the state’s residents, One Wisconsin Now is an independent, non- partisan advocacy organization that unites research, policy, message, communications and networking activities of organizations that are dedicated to a progressive public policy agenda in Wisconsin.
Website: http://www.onewisconsinnow.org
OWN Your Voice, Speak Up and Join In
Join our cause and take a clear stand on the side of those who lack power, wealth and influence; make a firm commitment to the common good; and advocate our strong belief in fairness and opportunity of all.
Website: http://www.onewisconsinnow.org
One Wisconsin Now, Inc.
2625 South Greeley Street, #301
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
email: own@onewisconsinnow.org
phone: 414-481-4323

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