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Monday, June 05, 2006

Seven Myths About the Death Penalty-MUST READ!!!

North Carolina has a website called People of Faith Against the Death Penalty. The entire site is worth the browsing time, but in particular I am impressed with the Seven Myths about the DP and the reasons they are myths.

This is a MUST READ!!! Here's the link:


Here are four questions PFADP asks people of faith to ask themselves:

What does it mean when vengeance belongs to God and not to us?
What does it mean when the sixth commandment says not to kill?
What does it mean when we are asked to forgive?
What does it mean when we are asked to love our enemies?

People of faith MUST vote against the Death Penalty in Wisconsin this November. The article above goes on to say:
Some Scriptures from the Bible is the center of debate in the faith community.
Dear says people chose random scripture from the Bible out of context to support their own personal opinions, opinions I believe that are shaped more by our violent culture than by deep theological reflection. "It's dangerous to simply quote from the Bible to support your views without looking at the context and acknowledging apparent contradictions in scripture. We must allow the Bible to speak for itself and not to be manipulated."
"Jesus is the most famous victim of the death penalty. Since the times of the first colonial governments in what is now the U.S. and estimated 22,000 human beings have been killed in judicially sponsored executions. Like Jesus, they were hated, feared, condemned and exterminated as less than human."
Dear says as people reflect on Jesus' condemnation they should also keep in mind their own culpability in the daily condemnation of the poor in our society. "How many angry, fearful, ignorant crowds over these years have we joined in echoing the chant heard by Pontius Pilot: Crucify him! Crucify him! How many of us echo Jesus words from the cross instead? Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Jesus calls us to repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing. We are called to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44) and forgive those who trespass against us (Matthew 6:14-15). Jesus teaches us that vengeance belongs to God alone. God alone my judge because God alone is not without sin, Jesus teaches us. Today let us reflect on the fact that we have not been given the authority to take life, even
that of a murderer. Christians have a responsibility to bring this message to our civil government."
Jesus stopped an execution in the New Testament. "In the Gospel of John (8:2-11), the brief story of Jesus telling the scribes and Pharisees, Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at the adulterous woman. "The self-righteous among us justify ourselves by condemning others. Jesus rejected the self-righteous attitude of the scribes and Pharisees as they sought to condemn the woman to death. He made it painfully clear that they had more in common with her than they wanted to know. Would he
not do the same with us today? Jesus calls us to work to abolish the death penalty. He calls us to rise to the challenge of the violence around us with disarmed hearts, just like His."

Are you among the "self-righteous among us" or are you willing to stand up like Jesus did to protect the least among us? You will make decision in November.

Odds are that someone who votes for the Death Penalty in WI this November will someday be a victim of it. Is that person you???


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Georgia said...

Amen Sister!

One death penalty makes as many as 12 folks guilty of murder - the jury. How come no one is talking about that aspect. So all death penalty cases have to have juries as opposed to a judge alone right?

I don't know how and so-called Christian juror ... and every potential juror swears an oath UNDER GOD - could ever make a decision on a death penalty case.

I am not a Christian - yet I know that I could never be a juror on a case that was a 'death penalty' case. I could not - in good conscience keep an open mind about the death penalty... I don't believe in murder in any form.

proletariat said...
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proletariat said...

I know you wrote something awhile back (hearing) on the death penalty. Lately I have been wondering if there is a history of Wisconsin's 'non death penalty'. It seems to me it would be an interesting history. Just the other day I was reading the 150 facts about Madison and as early as the 1840's, 'any teacher using cumpulsary punishment must write a letter to the superintendent explaining why it was necessary'.

There must of been times when the pro death lobby gained steam and they were pushed back. It seems to there is a Wisconsin story here and one we can be proud of.

Thomas J. Mertz said...

This might be the history you are looking for:

Wisconsin needs to keep that history alive and vote against the amendment!