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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Specter (R) Sends Scathing Letter to Cheney on Spying

Spector stands up as a hero of our Republic. You absolutely must read the letter!

Read the letter Here

This letter could be the final straw towards impeachment. My interpretation is that this letter says:

You broke the law, I'm not standing for it, I'm not letting you cover it up, stop trying to get other people to cover it up, and if you don't stop all of your illegal activities and tell us what's going on, the consequences will be severe.

This is no standard letter from a Senator to the White House. This is a line drawn in the sand (or more precisely in the Constitution) and it's about time.

Bravo Spector! Your Patriotism will be remembered in history as saving our country.

1 comment:

Georgia said...

Phew - this is such a biggie! Friday there was a small (page 3, inside column"Cheney fires back at Specter in GOP flap") rebuttal from Cheney with reference to this letter - - - but not a freakin' word from it - - - in the San Francisco (Colonical) fish-wrap non-news-paper. Cheney said "These communications are not unusual - they are the government at work." OF COURSE - they was not a SINGLE word from the Specter's missive.

The paper went on to say that Specter had been considering subpoenas to compell phone company executives to testify.... but not a single quote from his epistle.

Crappy paper! Why has this letter been stashed away from the public???

I think that Cheney sure has a large set of BRASS ones.... (I could mean KNUCKLES - but I don't.... although he sure does seem to threaten the repugnant representatives.)