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Friday, June 16, 2006

Straight Senior Citizens' Rights in Danger in Wisconsin

"Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state."

This is what our legislature in all it's dramatic and irresponsible glory is asking Wisconsites to vote on this November. Yes or No. The first sentence is bad enough, but read the second sentence carefully...

What does this have to do with heterosexual unmarried Senior Citizens?

Well, the fact is that many seniors find love later in life. Their first partner has passed away, their children are gone and suddenly they are blessed with a second chance to finish out their lives in a loving partnership.

They often don't bother to remarry. Why?

Well, for many reasons.
  • They have already lived a lifetime with a spouse and just don't want to go through the marriage process again.
  • Their children although grown just could never really accept another person in their life as a partner and don't remarry to spare the problems it could cause.
  • They can't afford to remarry. They are on a fixed income and the cost of medical care, prescriptions, housing and food are already beyond their means. Remarrying costs money. The state charges for licenses, the party is expensive, and it's just an unnecessary hassle (they've done it before, they ought to know :).
  • Finally, the main reason and the no one wants to mention: Social Security. Right now they both get a check. If they marry, one of them loses their check. This could be devastating to their standard of living and plunge them into (or deeper into) poverty, so they don't tie the knot.
Most of these seniors think that if they vote for this amendment, it will not affect them. They are a different sex couple, what would the so-called Gay Marriage Amendment have to do with them?

  • Well, if they both live in the same house. They could get kicked out should one partner pass away. They would have no constitutional legal right to challenge the eviction.
  • Should one of them get sick, they would have no constitutional right to see them in the hospital or participate or even have knowledge of health care status and decisions made as the loving partner.
  • Should they have arrangements to pass on property or possesions, they could be challenged in court as unconstitutional.
  • They could lose existing domestic partner benefits if one spouse is still working.
  • They could be forced to marry against their personal choice and interests to maintain other rights they currently have under the constitution.

The generally accepted protections and turn the other cheek rules set by hospitals and courts would no longer be Constitutional. Not just against the law, but UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Unmarried and committed seniors are in as much real jeopardy as same sex couples.

They are being sold a bill of goods and some will vote thinking they are prohibiting the rights of others, not realizing they are also taking away their own rights.

This is always the problem with allowing or not allowing rights to one group or another...unintended consequences tend to mean your rights are also infringed...
  • Unconscionable for our legislators to have passed this twice and put it to us to vote on it.
  • Unconscionable for any person of faith to vote for this.
  • Unconscionable for Wisconsinites to allow these careless and manipulative legislators to mess with OUR Constitution so carelessly.
Vote NO in November and tell them that Wisconsinites and Americans have had enough of their political manipulations at the expense of one group of people or another. We should not only defeat this amendment, it should be a landslide NO vote!



Georgia said...

What horses patoot wrote that???

Does that second sentence not negate any/all partnership agreements????

On a much better note..... happy b'day Neener and Babs!

David Schowengerdt said...

Thanks so much for the great information on the ban!