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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lethal Injection is Not the Sweet Death it's Billed As By the Death Patrol

The death penalty is ugly anyway it's administered. Hanging, shooting, electric shock, and even lethal injection are brutal, immoral and disgusting ways to die. No society can call itself moral or humane and sanction murder.

Vote NO in November to stop this brutality from being reinstated in our state.


Beartooth NBC Online News
Death Penalty Appeal
The American Civil Liberties Union is petitioning Montana's Supreme Court to halt the use of lethal injections as a means of execution in the state of Montana. The group claims that the lethal injection process violates the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, against cruel and unusual punishment. Helena attorney Ron Waterman: "Medical science has given us the background and the information that points to the fact that cruel and unusual punishment is being administered during the administration of the lethal injections." Three different drugs are administered during a lethal injection. The ACLU argues that the first drug administered, which is intended to be an anesthetic, does not always work. This means a prisoner would feel pain when the final two drugs are administered. The case comes as the date for execution of David Dawson approaches. He is scheduled to die August 11th, for the 1987 murders of three people he took captive at a Billings’ motel. If the execution takes place, Dawson will be the first inmate put to death in Montana since 1998.
Story published / updated: 8:34 AM, Wed Jul 12
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