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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Looking for your Flag Bandana for the Holiday?

Well, call and thank our two Senators (or one of the 32 others) that you can actually wear it. Last week, 34 Senators from both sides of the aisle voted to stop the Flag Desecration Amendment to the US Constitution.

This would have been the first amendment to the Bill of Rights, that all American's hold sacred, since it was written.

It takes some guts for these guys (and women) to think they know more than our Founding Fathers about rights.

ANY Amendment to our Constitution should be carefully thought out and should always be with the consideration of expanding the rights of the people of the United States.

When legislators change Constitutions to limit the people's rights, they are actually turning their backs on the people (no matter how they cloak the idea, even in the flag).
Read the Flag Code. It explicitly states that to dispose of a flag, it should be burned!

Polo would have to change their logo everytime they design an offensive piece of clothing, flag bikinis will definitely be a new reason to ticket many people, hide your flag sunglasses, balloons, in fact an entire industry of Memorial Day and Independence Day merchandisers will be shit out of luck.

This is the problem with this amendment (and any laws that limit free speech): Who gets to decide the definition of "desecration" (which by the way is a religious word...)?

If I find your book with the flag on the cover offensive, can I file suit under the US Constitution to ban it because it desecrates the flag to have it on that crappy book??

Will Stephen Colbert have to change the beginning of his show because the show is "anti-American" to some people and he's cloaked it in the flag?

Pandering to a minoritity of freaks based on some misguided blind Patriotism is what Conservatives do best.

The Dems who could have used the opportunity to educate the public on the irresponsibility of messing with the Constitution every time an election rolls around, but instead who caved and voted yes ought to be run out of office.

The few true Republicans left in Congress who voted no ought to take their party to task for this idiocy.

The Fourth of July celebration is safe again this year. Go ahead and pull out your tight flag shorts, your flag tube top that you should have stopped wearing 15 years ago and your stinky flag socks. Make your flag cakes since you can still bite into them without violating the Constitution. Decorate your kid's bikes, put the flag on your campaign signs (now that can really be offensive depending on what you stand for...), and what ever you do make sure that you throw that flag blanket on the ground and sit your butts on it to watch the fireworks (flag code says the flag that touches the ground must be burned).

34 Senators bought you another two years in that offensive tube top. It will be an election year again... so this year send them a message in honor of our Independence, vote for the people who have some common sense...no matter the party they represent.

Quit letting these yahoo's manipulate you at your own expense...

Eternal Vigilance!


Georgia said...

Again I believe this was the repugnats attempt at smoke and mirrors. Still not a word about Arlen's letter to Cheney right??? And right at the same time as we hear about more homeland insecurity prying into financial records.... the phone taps weren't yeilding enough PRIVATE information... evidentally???

Worry about Flag Burning and Gay Marriage and never forget about that big threat in the "Bush War" Torn middle East....

Not to worry about the real threats to democracy - your rights being whittled away by those freaking 'Cut and Run' repugnants.

Yes - we should use their own catch phrase "cut and run" for them - as they have set the examples: 'CUT taxes for the rich AND RUN the country into the greatest national debt we have ever had'.... It's the republican way...

Then let's look at what those repugnat ditto heads have done to the American Reputation abroad. (Oh yeah - I forgot - their USA is all that matters globally.... ) I remember when we (Americans) were respected abroad.... now.... not so much. Why???

OH YEAH - Must be all that Flag Burning we have happening here - or maybe it's because of the darn gay marriages....

Certainly couldn't be because of the buttholes that were 'elected' president and his neo-con advisors and cabinet... could it???

Crawford's Take said...