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Thursday, July 06, 2006

More on Seniors and the Discrimination Amendment

This week's Shepherd Express (July 6-12) has an excellent article that echos some of the same issues I discussed in a previous blog on the devastating effects of the Discrimination Amendment (so-called gay marriage amend).

The new issue hasn't been posted online yet, but you can pick up a copy if you are local (on pages 8-10), and I'll repost the link when it's out here.

The article by Evan Rytlewski says that the issue is so serious that the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups had an annual convention in Appleton in June and voted unanimously to oppose the ban as part of their official platform.

Jef Hall has a blog on more high profile Vote No's on both sides of the aisle.

P.S. This is a note for those of my readers posting comments lately who seem to think that I make stuff up just to be controversial (one called me the Jesse Jackson of Milwaukee, actually a compliment, although not meant as one:), pay closer attention and keep reading.

In the spirit of Colbert,
"You're getting more truth out here than you know."

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