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Saturday, July 15, 2006

NOW on PBS Looks at the Dark Side of Lethal Injection

Do No Harm!

Doctors refuse and are forbidden by the AMA to participate in Lethal Injection to kill those condemned to the death penalty. Two states Kentucky and Illinois also forbid doctors participation.

The controversy is complex and difficult. Who does death by lethal injection make feel better?

The prisoner? No, they are still going to die.

The executioner? Apparently not, they are untrained, unable to properly administer the lethal drugs, unable to access anything else when it doesn't work, and when it goes bad (as in the case of the man it took 90 minutes to kill while he screamed "I can feel it!"), they still hear the cries of pain and suffering.

The people and the politicians. We are the only ones who allow the process of lethal injection to make us feel better that we are killing someone as a society.

California has declared a moratorium on lethal injection because doctors will do no harm and executioners have watched too many horrifying scenes of the method used failing miserably; and the Supreme Court just voted to allow a prisoner to object to lethal injection on the grounds that it is "cruel and unusual punishment".

It's worse to use lethal injection than to hang a person. I want to repeat that: It's worse to use lethal injection than to hang a person.

It can take an enormous amount of time, the prisoner is often conscious and can feel the pain of their heart stopping, the people who administer it do not know how much of each drug administered will work on an individual prisoner and therefore, often the drugs are given in inappropriate doses.

Wisconsinites will vote in November on whether to bring this barbaric and draconian punishment back after 153 years.

  • Our murder rate is lower than all states with the death penalty.
  • Our Justice system costs millions of dollars a year less than those with the death penalty.
  • Our doctors are not forced to decide if they should risk their medical licenses, their oathes, or their souls to make murder easier on us.
  • Our consciences are clear in Wisconsin knowing that we are an advanced society that doesn't try to make our crimes more palatable for our children and our own souls. Here is a report on those EXECUTED BY PROBABLY INNOCENT in the U.S. None are from Wisconsin...

Wisconsin has no reason to bring back the death penalty.

Vote NO! in November and stop this insanity in its tracks!

For more information on the Death Penalty in the U.S., go to http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/

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