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Monday, August 07, 2006

2005 Los Angeles Times Study Finds California Spends $250 Million per Execution

Does Wisconsin have this kind of money? How irresponsible would it be for the so-called Conservatives in our state legislature to spend this enormously more expensive amount of OUR taxpayer dollars?

They call themselves "fiscally responsible", but let's face it with proposals like this being put to the sane voters of Wisconsin whose current Governor just climbed us out of the LAST mess they got our state into, the Conservatives in our legislature are about a fiscally irresponsible as Government gets.

It's time Wisconsinites tell these Conservative yahoos that we don't know what other states are like, but here in Wisconsin, we will NOT allow them to use idiotic tactics like putting the death penalty on the ballot after 153 years just to drum up a few votes on election day.


Vote No to the death penalty in November, allow the state of Wisconsin to keep it's dignity and at the same time give yourself a tax break...


From the article:
  • The California death penalty system costs taxpayers more than $114 million a year beyond the cost of simply keeping the convicts locked up for life. (This figure does not take into account additional court costs for post-conviction hearings in state and federal courts, estimated to exceed several million dollars.)
  • With 11 executions spread over 27 years, on a per execution basis, California and federal taxpayers have paid more than $250 million for each execution.
  • It costs approximately $90,000 more a year to house an inmate on death row, than in the general prison population or $57.5 million annually.
  • The Attorney General devotes about 15% of his budget, or $11 million annually to death penalty cases.
  • The California Supreme Court spends $11.8 million on appointed counsel for death row inmates.
  • The Office of the State Public Defender and the Habeas Corpus Resource Center spend a total of $22.3 million on defense for indigent defendants facing death.
  • The federal court system spends approximately $12 million on defending death row inmates in federal court.
  • No figures were given for the amount spent by the offices of County District Attorneys on the prosecution of capital cases, however these expenses are presumed to be in the tens of millions of dollars each year.

Source:Tempest, Rone, "Death Row Often Means a Long Life", Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2005

1 comment:

Georgia said...

Wisconites! Just SAY No to the DEATH Penalty!!!

Costs are prohibitive - and as far as crime deterant - - HAH! No results can be attributed to the death penalty.... except death.

I am certain that there must be some wonderful benefits from having the death penalty available - those benefits are completely erased (if there were really any substantive benefits) by the off-chance that any of those convicted are actually innocent - and by the actual costs of housing death wait convicts.

Stay strong - vote AGAINST the death penalty in Wisconsin....

(wishing California would take the vote again...)