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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lamont v Lieberman...It's on!!

If the voters of CT tell Lieberman to hit the road, he better damn well do it.

Going Independent would be the biggest mistake in the history of politics.

His party is deciding who they want to represent them and if he doesn't listen to them, his legacy will be all those signs the Republicans put on their cars in 2000... Sore Loserman.

I've stayed out of this race until now. I personally hope that the CT Dems do vote for a change. Maybe the rest of them will get the backbone that Russ is famous for...

A referendum on the war is long overdue. Today is it.

As Maxine Waters just said on Hardball, "Leiberman is everything that's wrong about the Democratic party. Lamont is everything that's right. "

If the Democrats of CT vote for everything that's right, everything that's wrong needs to go away...

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