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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Man Scheduled to be Killed in Texas Today

Letter from Hasan Shakur after he was given a stay for the April 27th 2006 execution date
A Peoples Power
By Hasan Shakur

So I write this prose just to get my thoughts out
Shit on my mind bout to take my hair out
You dont understand
The heart of
This young Black man
Stranded on death row
With my life strings
In Stephen Williams hands
My wifes cries echo in
My mind
Justice aint blind
The bitch can see all
Thats why my lifes on the line
Clouded thinking fucks up everything
Writing for a sunny day
A warrior willBe a warrior for he lives
For the
People yet
When will the People live?
April 27th, 2006
The People have spoke! Here it is May 8th, 2006 and I still remain.
I have time and time again spoke of the power that you the People truly possess.


His execution was rescheduled for today. Here is the list of things wrong with his case:
The facts and the claims in this case have not changed in any way.
The most serious claims are:
-Incompetent trial attorney(s)
-All-white jury
-Forced confession
-Lack of physical evidence
-Questionable indictment
-No mitigation evidence presented in punishment phase
-Jurors and victims' family had contact during the trial

Honestly, I have read through all the facts as presented and I don't know if he is truly innocent or guilty although I strongly suspect there is a whole lot more to this story because there certainly isn't enough evidence to prove he did do it, but isn't that the point???

Shouldn't we know??? Shouldn't we be 200% positive?? Shouldn't he have the benefit of doubt when everything is based on shady and shaky evidence?? Do the people of Wisconsin really want to start this kind of mess here??? If not, take a first step today and call the Gov of Texas to ask for a stay in this execution. You could possibly make a difference by making that call in sparing the life of another human being so that the truth in this case can over time be found.

What a sad day for humanity...so brutal...

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