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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do You have a Passport or Birth Certificate IN YOUR HOME?


The House wants to make sure that if you don't citizen or not, you can't vote.

This would disenfranchise ME and my husband or at the very least require us to pay what substantially amounts to a Poll Tax to vote!!

We haven't had copies of our birth certificates in our home since we met. I've only left the country twice in my life. Once to Jamaica and once to the Bahamas, neither needed a passport at the time. My husband was in the Army and lived in Germany, but that was decades ago and in the one time he's left the country since we met (we were married in Jamaica) he also didn't need a passport for the trip.


We are NOT alone. In the survey I noted above, more than 11 million US Citizens do NOT have this documentation available in their homes.

I encourage you to read the entire article. It explains the bill and the Republican attempts to disenfranchise millions more people in great detail, but here are some of the findings:

On September 20 the House passed a bill (H.R. 4844) that would, starting in 2010, effectively deny the vote to any U.S. citizen who cannot produce a passport or birth certificate (or proof of naturalization). Although the bill’s supporters present it as a measure intended to prevent non-citizens from voting, the bill’s main impact will be on U.S. citizens themselves. A National survey finds that approximately 11 million native-born citizens currently lack the required documents. A substantial number could have difficulty obtaining or affording them.

and it ends with some chilling facts...
  • Roughly 11 million native-born citizens have neither a birth certificate nor passport in their home.[3] Under the House bill, those without these documents would be unable to vote in federal elections as of 2010.
  • Low-income people (those making less than $25,000) are nearly twice as likely to lack these documents as people with higher incomes. Nearly 3 million low-income citizens lack the required documents.
  • Elderly residents are much more likely to lack these documents than non-elderly ones. Some 2.3 million elderly Americans lack the required documents.
  • African Americans are much more likely to lack these documents than whites. Roughly 2 million African Americans lack the required documents. One reason is that a substantial number of elderly African Americans apparently were never issued birth certificates because they were born at home, in large measure as a result of racial discrimination or poverty that kept their mothers from delivering in hospitals (especially in the South). One study estimated that one-fifth of African Americans born in 1939-40 were never issued birth certificates.[4]
    The poll also revealed significant geographic disparities:
  • Rural residents (those living outside metropolitan area) are more than twice as likely to lack a birth certificate or passport as non-rural residents. Some 4.5 million rural Americans lack the required documents.
  • Residents of the South and Midwest are more than twice as likely to lack these documents as residents of the Northeast and West. In fact, roughly four-fifths of those who lack the required documents — 8.4 million of the 10.7 million total — are residents of the South or Midwest.
This is an ALL OUT ATTACK on the voting rights of millions of CITIZENS! How do you control the power in the United States? You CONTROL THE BALLOT BOX...

Republicans need to be voted out of office in HUGE numbers November 7th. They need to know that we WILL NOT ALLOW THEM to hijack our Democracy.

After all, the Right to Vote is at the very core foundation of our democracy. Those who would steal it or deliberately pass legislation to take it from us are
  • traitors to our democracy,
  • traitors to our Constitution,
  • traitors to our country,
  • traitors to US.

They certainly don't deserve our vote if they are actively trying to take it from us.

Note: Representative Mark Green voted for this legislation on September 20th. As he is asking for your vote on November 7th to be your Governor, he is voting to take away the right to vote to perhaps humdred's of thousands of you in this state.

If you can't answer my title question Yes, then Mark Green just voted to take away, severely limit or make you pay to exercise your right to vote.

Other Wisconsin representatives who voted Yes to limit/curb/take away/or make more difficult or flat out to make you pay to exercise your right to vote include:
F. Jim Sensenbrenner
Thomas Petri
Paul Ryan

You have a chance to remove their right to vote on anymore Anti-American legislation on November 7th. In particular the ring leaders Sensenbrenner and Green have strong opponents in their races for Congress and the Governorship in Bryan Kennedy and our current Governor Jim Doyle. In addition, you can replace Green with Dr. Steve Kagen instead of the rubberstamping same old story John Gard who has supported legislation that makes your right to vote difficult in the state.

Those who voted No to preserve your right to vote as a U.S. Citizen:
Gwen Moore
Tammy Baldwin
Ron Kind
David Obey

Here is the full Roll Call for those readers of mine who are outside of Wisconsin.

We need strong leadership in Wisconsin and we CAN stop this madness and send a message on November 7th.

Don't mess with my vote!!!

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