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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy!

This Article is hilarious on a very disgusting matter (by the way not because the page was male, but because the page was A CHILD!). Thanks Dave for lightening up a story that made me want to puke when I first read it earlier today.

Between the hookers and drugs parties that Abramoff & Co threw for the Republican Congressmen at the Watergate Hotel, the insanely corrupt 20 or 30 or more members of Congress who have sold our democracy to the highest bidder and stolen our tax dollars without impunity for 5 years, to the hypocrisy of gas prices falling a month before a Congressional election after stealing from our pockets (I figure they have over priced gas by at least $1.00 for NO reason for two years which has cost my family alone $1,100 - some energy policy Cheney cooked up that first month they got in office huh?), to the George Allen's macaca and Mr. Thinks this country would have been better if Mr. Racist (Strom Thurmond) had won the Presidency 50 years ago.

These guys are corrupt, hypocritical, racist, sexist, money grubbing, and flat out disgusting.

Does anyone really believe anymore that Republicans could give a shit about the everyday American's rights, lives, hopes, dreams?

I never did, not that I'm gloating... I am really upset. Though as bad as I thought things could get in 2000 before Bush took office, I never anticipated that not only would all the horrible things I could think of would come true, but that they could actually think up more horrible policies and behaviors than I could EVER imagine in my lifetime.

THEY MUST GO. November 7th, their hatred, disgusting behavior, greed and war must go.

Democrats have been shown the road by Feingold, Dean and Clinton. If Pelosi, and Reid don't start walking it, they will forever be remembered by us who truely care about not only America but ALL who live in it as wimps who let us down.

Stand up Democrats and start fighting! Stand up Americans and VOTE. Vote like your life depends on it. Now more than ever in history it DOES.

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Other Side said...

Ever wonder why the gas prices have fallen so low ... very suspicious with elections just around the corner.

Watch them rise after the election.