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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grassroots At It's Best! Movies @ the Mug Schedule

Join us for Movies That Matter @ The Mug, a FREE weekly series of films on important topics, Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

This week we highlight one of two Constitutional amendments that will be on Wisconsin's ballot November 7th:

• “The Freedom Files: Gay & Lesbian Rights” (http://aclu. tv) – It’s “No Marriage Discrimination Amendment Night” @ The Mug. This episode of the ACLU’s award-winning TV program shows how the members of gay and lesbian families in America are treated as second-class citizens under the law, lacking rights that many people take for granted. We’ll also watch a second episode, “Youth Speak.”

For details on defeating the marriage discrimination amendment, visit http://fairwisconsin.org. October 22ndMovies That Matter @ The MugSundays – doors open at 6:00 p.m., screening at 6:30 The Mad Mug Coffee House7934 W. Burleigh Street, Milwaukee 53222 (414) 447-6847 Subscribe to email updates at MoviesAtTheMug- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com. Or check them out online at http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MoviesAtTh eMug.

Upcoming features:

• “The Exonerated” (http://www.courttv. com/movie) - On this Halloween weekend, we’ll hear six scary stories about innocence, injustice, and redemption. It’s “No Death Penalty Amendment Night” @ The Mug. Six of Hollywood’s top actors present the powerful true stories of six exonerated death row survivors. They will engage your emotion, incite your passion, and envelop you in their search for lives so unceremoniously interrupted. For details on the campaign to defeat the death penalty amendment, visit http://nodeathpenal tywi.org. October 29th

• “Electile Dysfunction” (http://www.electile -dysfunction. com) & “Democracy's Ghosts” (http://www.democracysghosts. com) - With the general election just two days away, we take a look at the two sides of the election fraud coin: manipulation and suppression. “Electile Dysfunction” examines how polling equipment companies, mostly run by Republican executives, can easily and secretly manipulate vote totals using electronic voting machines. And “Democracy's Ghosts” shows how people, largely poor and minority people, continue to be disenfranchised through vote suppression tactics that stem from the last legal Jim Crow laws. November 5th

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Godsil said...

Thanks for working for the rights of the LGBT community and to keep the death penalty away from Wisconsin!

I really appreciate all that you do and I will profit from your collection of news and blog sources.