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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's a Thought....

This is sort of the "elephant in the room" on the Foley thing and something that has occurred to me completely due to the stories I have seen on television over the last few days.

This is what's come out to date depending on the cable news show you are watching (O'Reilly had Foley as a Democrat on the screen...):
1) Republican leadership definitely knew about Foley's antics six months ago, clearly knew about Foley at least as far back as 2003, probably as far back as 2001 and my guess is they will eventually show that some knew as far back as 1996.

2) Republican leadership thought he was gay as far back as 1994 although he's clearly not gay, he's a pedophile completely different and unrelated to each other.

3) He's personally given enormous amounts of money to the GOP especially in the last few months literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and raised enormous amounts more.

4) Hastert was REALLY angry when this all broke. Why?

So here's my hypothesis question (an educated guess not based on proven evidence, but conjecture using the facts available):

Was the GOP leadership blackmailing Foley?

They should have been protecting children, were they instead using his sickness to blackmail him into giving and raising an enormous amount of money for the GOP, and he got outed before they were done soaking him???

If this is the case, it would explain a lot.

  • Like Reynolds encouraging him to run again while knowing about the pages,
  • like Hastert's anger (did this break before he was ready to lose his $$ man),
  • like why NO ONE who knew did anything about it,
  • like why no Democrats knew (if you are blackmailing someone, you want to keep that info really quiet until you need to take them out).

I don't know if this is the case, but I think there have been some funny looks on the news networks whenever the amount of money he gave to the GOP is mentioned. Looks like it's in the backs of their heads, but they dare not say it without proof. Well I have no proof, just a lot of odd facts that don't add up and a blog to ask the questions.

(Update: I did run a check of Foley and Blackmail and Blog on Google and it seems my -honestly I did this after the post - speculation is not solo. )

Booman Tribune
Waxing America
Actually as of the last time I ran it, 46 blogs mention Mark Foley and blackmail...
Other blogs are calling them bribes.

The difference? Not much...
Blackmail is someone extorting you for money in exchange for silence. Bribes are you offering to pay people off to stay quiet. Either way, money is exchanged for silence. Either way, Foley was a ripe candidate and if the GOP leadership took advantage of that at the expense of the safety of children, there are no words to explain how disgusting they are to me....

It does seem that it is a legitimate question.

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Wow, that's a twist I hadn't thought of. And I thought I was jaded!

Hope things are going well with you, Rae. Sorry I'm not going to get to see you in D.C. - maybe some other time. Good luck with your November vote.