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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lasee Admits Death Penalty Ref in WI is a Fraud

Per the press release today and the WSJ over the weekend, a claim I have made in the past is confirmed by the lead sponsor of the death penalty referendum on Wisconsin's ballot in November. State Sen. Alan Lasee has been trying almost by himself to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin for years. For years, cooler heads have prevailed. Now he clearly states that the question is deliberately misleading...not the intended final goal...and flat out a FRAUD.

Wisconsin voters need to tell this nutbag and ALL of the GOP that WE WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED BY FALSE CHOICES ON THE BALLOT. Inflaing the public over ridiculous and false choices (just as in the Civil Union Ban) purely for political gain will not be allowed by Wisconsinites.

Vote NO to stop this in it's tracks. Enough of the false retoric, enough of the manipulation, enough of the LIES to the public. Not only should Wisconsinites be in incensed that the GOP is openly using false issues to manipulate them, but they should state that publicly and openly at the ballot box on November 7th.

The press release:

Death Penalty Referendum Sponsor Admits DNA Clause is a “Bait and Switch” Tactic

Sen. Alan Lasee, the state’s lead sponsor of the death penalty referendum, admitted yesterday that the advisory referendum on the November 7 ballot is intended to be a “bait and switch.”

The October 22nd edition of the Wisconsin State Journal included this passage about Sen. Lasee’s motives:

Don't take it literally
Sen. Alan Lasee, R-De Pere, the referendum's lead sponsor, cautioned against reading too much into the resolution's wording.

Lasee said the ballot question with its DNA clause is meant to poll voters on a general concept - how would they feel about the death penalty if safeguards could be built in to avoid convicting innocent people? It has never been his intent to limit the death penalty to convictions involving DNA evidence, he said. He included the DNA clause to defang opponents.

“It was my hope that this would dispel some of the fence-sitters from saying that the sky is falling and that someone is going to be wrongly convicted,” he said.

Asked how seriously voters should take the resolution's language, Lasee said, “Voters can read into or out of it whatever they want. The bottom line is, ‘Should the death penalty be reinstated, with or without DNA testing?’”

“His admission lets Wisconsin voters know that the referendum is as politically motivated, misleading, and dishonest as we’ve been saying it is,” said Sachin Chheda, campaign director for No Death Penalty Wisconsin.

Voters are being asked on the November ballot whether or not the state should reinstate the death penalty as a punishment option in cases of first-degree intentional homicide, if the conviction “is supported by DNA evidence.”

“The reason the ‘DNA language’ was added to the referendum is that all good-hearted Wisconsin citizens want to ensure that no innocent people would be put to death,” said Chheda. “Even the most hard-core supporters of the death penalty recognize that.”

“If we were to bring the death penalty back to our state after 150 years, one would think it would be a priority to be sure that the innocent are protected,” continued Chheda, “Senator Lasee has again demonstrated that death penalty proponents need to play dishonest political games to try and trick the people of Wisconsin to support their extreme point of view. By admitting again that he is unconcerned about the chance that innocent people would die, Sen. Lasee has given Wisconsin voters yet another reason to vote ‘no.’”

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization, 123 men have been proven innocent and walked off death row since 1972, after initially being arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. About 1,047 people have been executed – which means that of those cases that have reached final disposition, over 11 percent, more than one in 10, have involved an innocent person.

“We are confident that Wisconsin citizens will see through the dishonest rhetoric and political games of Senator Lasee and the leadership of the Wisconsin State Legislature and vote no this fall,” said Chheda.


No Death Penalty Wisconsin is a coalition of organizations and individual leaders dedicated to educating the people of Wisconsin about the fiscal and moral cost of re-establishing the death penalty. Participants include the Wisconsin Council of Churches, Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Peace Action Wisconsin, the District Attorneys from Wisconsin’s two largest counties, and many others.

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Authorized and paid for by No Death Penalty Wisconsin, Jeff Sweetland, Treasurer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Allright. I'm going to apologize in advance, because this issue moves me to profound anger and disgust with our species. Profanity isn't a capital offense...yet, but it is unpleasant, but, in a case like this, I just can't help myself. No...It is more adequate to say that I won't help myself. I want people to know the full range of disgust I feel for this issue.

With that out of the way...

Anyone who supports the death penalty is a god damned fool. These fat assholes preaching from their own pulpits (and I know where I stand) about an eye for an eye, and 'closure', often fail to cite the so called Death "penalty" for what it really is...A Revenge Killing. You find me a senator or representative who supports the death penalty, and I'll show you an arrogant asshole who's really trying to make certain that he/she gets their 'fair shake' at being able to put fear into the hearts of their fellow human beings. Rule by fear does not command respect, it commands resentment. Resentment breeds contempt, anger, and a host of unhealthy and unpleasant feelings, by which these elected fuckwits hope to use to remain the 'betters' of others.

Forgive me, people who disagree. I can not suppose I understand what it means to have lost a family member or loved one to the hands of a criminal murderer, but, it seems to me that a more progressive approach might yield greater fruits in the future. Perhaps some people truly are beyond redemption, but, from the core of my soul, I know it is wrong to kill. It is wrong to take a life. As wrong as it is to create one without love as the foundation upon which it has been created.

Politicians who support the death penalty, from what years of news hounding have taught me, most often seem to be among the worst of people. Worhty, themselves, perhaps, of the fate they would impose upon others in hopes of enforcing their wills to dominate, intimidate, and rule by fear. I care not for what passes for thought among these people who have lost sight of the holiness and sanctity of life. I care not for the closure of revenge that some seek in 'an eye for an eye'. Furthermore, if I were the victim of such a crime as murder, my life bled away by the hatred of another, I would want the right reserved for my family to choose. In my heart, I know they know me well enough to understand that if I were taken, I would want my life to have served as a point of understanding for the poor fool who murdered me. If I were among those who had lost a loved one to the hand of a murdered (and make no mistakes, I have no illusions about this issue), I may very well want to see that person who deprived me dead...but...and I say this that I am understood...I would want the right to challenge that person, myself...not to allow a ritual killing to sate my thirst for something as mercilessly gripping as the idea of revenge. I would want the opportunity to understand that person, above, and before all else, and I can say that with the utmost conviction in my heart.

Yes...I support the so called Death "Penalty", so long as every politician who has evervoted to implement it, every juror who has ever recommeneded it, every attorney who has ever pursued it, every fool judge who has ever ordered it, and every executioner who has ever carried one out, follows suit, and rids this world of their filth and menace, once and for all.

Would that I had the wisdom and spiritual prowess of King Solomon, I would cast a curse on the land, which would cause each politician to vomit feces, each and every time he or she spoke a willful lie. Those who killed would simply fall dead...This unfortunate fantasy, is, of itself, a cry from the depths of a soul who sees that hate breeds hate, and revenge, only a spiral of hatred and despair...May God have mercy on our souls.