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Monday, October 30, 2006

Only a Man with NO Regard for Women...Green Supports Genocidal Practices

Only a man with no regard for women at any level would take positions this extreme on the issue of women's medical privacy rights:
  • Opposes a woman’s right to choose in cases of rape. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 4/8/06]
  • Opposes a woman’s right to choose in cases of incest. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 4/8/06]
  • Opposes a woman’s right to choose, where the health of the mother is at stake. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal, 4/8/06]
  • Suggested, at a recent debate, that women view this deeply personal decision as a matter of convenience: “Too many women believe abortion is a safety net, a way out…” [Source: Wispolitics.com; http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=73866]

Who takes these positions? Congressman Mark Green.

Having your body violated by a man against your will is the most horrible violation to a female imaginable in this world. I would rather die than live that horror...

Any man who doesn't understand and agree with this fact is at his core dangerous to all women.

If you don't get this from the start, you are suceptible to any number of ways of aiding and abetting this type of crime.

Rape is a crime of power and control against our most personal selves, and has been used by many different political groups for centuries to commit genocide (as it is being used today in Darfur).

The result of these rapes and incestual crimes without available and legal intervention is frequently forced impregnation of a woman (a second form of torture). In other words, those who are committing genocide are forceably trying to dilute the genetic make up of a population by forcing their genes to mix with those of the oppressed group.

By opposing the right to terminate a pregnancy even in the cases of rape, incest, and the health of a mother, Mark Green is essentially supporting a form of genocide allowing men to impregnate women against their will and forcing them to carry to term.

These forced impregnations can be stopped in America safely for now, but if Green has his way, he has opened the door for genocide to roost right here in America.

Do we really want someone who supports genocidal practices as the leader of our state?

The patronizing attitude of the extreme right on issues regarding women's health reminds me of when they used to say women just weren't smart enough to vote (hey, less than 100 years ago...).

The fact that politicians still have so little regard for women, their opinions and most importantly women's ability to make important and life altering decisions without men, that they continue to use patronizing legislation to make decisions for women proves that this country still has men who believe that a woman is a second class citizen who is at the mercy of men.

Women's rights have a long way to go and women raised under the control of men like Green are increasingly taught by these men from a very early age that they are powerless over the men in their lives.

This is a power agenda, spear-headed by men (or women who allow themselves to be under the control of men).

Let's face it. The anti-choice movement is not about protecting life (if so, they would also be against the death penalty, which the same so-called pro-life Green says with fire in his eyes, he can't wait to bring back to Wisconsin-the Catholics although still wrong in trying to push their faith on the masses are at least consistent in their message).

It's one and only goal is to control women's reproductive lives through legislation and that is so close to forced manipulation of the genetics in a population, that it's truly freightening.

I believe in a woman's right to medical privacy, period. I don't think the government should be getting involved in the decision to on whether or not a woman can take birth control or which type to take, whether or not a woman has proven well enough that they have been raped or that their health is in danger.

I believe a woman should and MUST, without interference from the state, be able to access both full birth control and full reproductive services on demand.

That's is my belief based on my personal experiences, my education, my faith and my conscience. Whenever belief is used to regulate those of the masses, we have crossed a dangerous line.

My belief is my business. My body is my body. My choices in life are my choices.

Governor Jim Doyle understands and will protect our right to believe as we see fit, our right to control our own bodies and our right to control our own lives.

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Anonymous said...

Just got my issue of Rolling Stone and was very pleased to learn that JAMES SENSENBRENNER JR. (R-Wis.) was voted one of the ten WORST congresspersons. They call him "The Dictator".

LOVE IT!!!!!