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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sensenbrenner Blows Off Entire Ch. 12 Viewing Area

I posted last week about Sensenbrenner blowing off my daughter, a 19 year old constituent and myself at his DC office last Tuesday. He's at it again...

Channel 12 in Milwaukee has a segment right now during the elections called Coffee with the Candidate in which they offer equal time to both candidates in local races in order to make up for their nearly criminal lack of local campaign coverage in the 2004 election.

Free air time to get your message out to a large local viewing audience on network tv, albeit in sound bites, is a rare and coveted commodity for any campaign.

"Earned Media" (the technical term) is something, I can tell you as a former campaign staffer, we would work for weeks to "earn" often with little success. Press conferences are the standard method. Release something you think is interesting, and then get on the phone and BEG the press to attend. If you got a camera there, you were delighted!

So when I saw channel 12 taking on the 5th CD WI on tonight's broadcast, I was thrilled. Sensenbrenner tends to be an *ss in public and it would be fun to see him try to sound sane.

While Bryan Kennedy, a family guy and Sensenbrenner's Democrat challenger always seems so down to earth and a man of the people.

So Bryan gets his turn first and does a decent job of talking about his message and providing a vision for his candidacy.

Next I expect Sensenbrenner, and surprise of surprises the news announcers say something on the line of, "We invited Congressman Sensenbrenner to take part in this program and he declined our invitation."

WHA???? Is all I can think at first. Then, WHY??? I'm still not sure. The questions were softball at best and the idea of the piece was to have an open mic to say whatever you want to say about your campaign.

What campaign strategist passes on that one? The only thing I can come up with is that every time Sensenbrenner shows up in any public way, his polling numbers go down another point.

Interesting strategy Sensy. Hide until election day and maybe you can sneak into holding a Republican seat in a race that is close, with the Republican Congress in flames nationwide on scandal after scandal, on the odd chance that you generally say so many stupid things in public that even an open mic on a free earned media show is totally out of the question.

I would love to hear the reason from the Sensenbrenner camp. Are you so afraid of your candidate that you can't put him on the air at all??? Are you polling so badly that you are pulling the plug on the campaign and don't want to make your humiliating loss a bigger deal cause you tried? Ya just tired of it all and giving up?

Well, as far as I'm concerned after you throw out the Bill of Rights and half the Constitution (google Military Commission Act, a Sensenbrenner and Bush co-disaster of a legislation which eliminated habeas corpus), you really should hide for a while.

I just hope that the voters in the 5th CD realize that their Congressman blew them all off tonight as he personally did to me and my group last week and to the Constitution before that...

If he has so little respect for the electorate that he's blowing off free local network offered earned media maybe something else is around the corner...

I know I'll be watching the Foley scandal as the Ethics Committee meets this week, and many other things in the news to see if I can solve this mindboggling mystery.

If you figure it out, let me know.