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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sensenbrenner Loss Has GOP in Shock

Well, since he's giving $100,000 out of his campaign coffers, he seems to think he won't need it to finish out the race.

I'm on the ground and it's these types of miscalculations that give me hope. Please keep assuming your seat is safe. This is the funnest type of an election. The sleeper win. The everyday guy taking on an entrenched, long term congressman who's so cocky that he no longer has respect even for those who may have once voted him in office and now takes it for granted that he can't lose.

By the looks of the lawn signs in my neighborhood, Waukesha, Mequon, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay, New Berlin, Elm Grove, West Allis and Brookfield the winds are changing in Wisconsin.

It's all good because I anticipate that after you raped the Constitution you swore to uphold with the Military Commissions Act, blew off constituents, dumped campaign funds in an arrogant move to make it look like your inside numbers are good (by seeming unconcerned about having enough for TV in the last 3 weeks of an election), and blew off the local media for a free op, (all just in the last two weeks, don't get me started on the last few years of sticking it to the people to protect your neo-con friends), I may be able to repeat this headline in a few short weeks.

Either that, or you have something really scary up your sleeve to let loose in the next few weeks.

No candidate this close to an election is this confident with a real challenger on his heals...and that you have...so what gives? Let me in on the secret...I won't tell :)

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