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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sensenbrenner Must (and should) Be Worried

Finally for all of us who have had enough of Sensenbrenner, our candidate, Bryan Kennedy has forced his hand by way of 2 debates.

As a long time voter in the 5th CD who has been accused of having a mission to oust my Congressional rep for the last 5 years or so, this couldn't be better news!

Sensenbrenner is out of touch with Wisconsin. He's been there too long, he's lost that original spirit of independence he was known for in his early days and is now lock in step with protecting the Bush Administration at all costs...including the cost of our Constitution.

His short fuse is becoming legendary and he's become an embarrassment to Milwaukee's North and West shore that this man is our face to Congress.

Bryan on the other hand would be a breath of fresh air in Congress. He's young and energetic, has an absolutely lovely family (you MUST meet his wife and children, she rocks, and the babies are sweet angels), and as a UWM professor has a wealth of new ideas to revitalize our country.

We have a REAL chance to pick up a seat off the national radar here in Wisconsin. Donate money, show up for the debates and most importantly get out and VOTE!

By the way, as far as the get out and vote is concerned, you should be able to early vote statewide at your local city or village hall starting this week! Take a friend or 50!

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