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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back on Lefty Blogs!

So this was probably the most frustrating thing that's happened since I started blogging. About a month ago (yes, just a couple weeks before the election), I switched to Blogger Beta on a whim. I had researched it a few months earlier, decided it wasn't debugged enough and so, didn't do it then. But, in a weak moment of wanting the newest and the greatest, I caved and wham, I switched...

Two problems with this:

First, Lefty Blogs could no longer read my atom feed or my RSS feed.

Second, I couldn't go back.

I wasn't alone.

It seems that over 400 posts were lost by Lefty Blogs nationwide and they have now found them again and figured out a fix. My posts apparently may double post to the blogroll for a while, although I've seen no evidence of that yet.

I did continue to blog during that period of time and I did find a way to subscribe my feed to other RSS feeders. I have a ton of new readers now. Welcome and come back often!

So for those of you who didn't get a chance to read my posts in the last month or so, because you read posts off the Lefty Blog feeds, I'm back. Take a browse. Although mostly outdated, you may find something of interest!

Lesson to learn for everyone out here. If you decide you want to switch to Blogger Beta, read the tech problems pages of the sites you are using to send your feeds and any other blog services you have on your pages prior to making the switch...

It's well worth the time to do the research before you make the switch. Many nice things about Beta, but it was not worth losing my public feed two weeks before an election.

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